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Dr. Kenneth C. Somers



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Dr. Kenneth C. Somers

“It takes a village to raise a child.”
African Proverb

This frequently referenced African proverb reminds us how an entire community is essential in the development and education of our children. As a Colorado native, born and raised in the Pikes Peak region, I am grateful to my parents, teachers, and mentors who invested time, care, and love into my growth and development. I am who I am today because of these individuals.

An example of an adult who looked out for me and many other young Colorado Springs residents is Mr. Sam Dunlap. He was everything to me - my junior high school coach, a second father, a life-long mentor. He impacted my life forever. I attended his funeral this past spring and celebrated his life along with family and friends. I will never forget the humility and wisdom he demonstrated as he learned from those he taught and coached. A phrase he repeated often was “each one, teach one.” The value I saw him place on each young person’s life directly shaped my calling into the field of education. I wanted to touch lives the way he did.

I owe a great deal of my success as a professional educator and leader to the many villagers who raised me. For this reason, I have committed my career to advancing our public schools and educational systems in order to meet and exceed the needs of our next generation of learners. As I return now to the Pikes Peak region, specifically the Tri-Lakes area, in the capacity of D38’s superintendent, I am eager to serve this community as I join the professionals and families who are committed to excellence and continuing on a great path in Lewis-Palmer School District 38.

My approach to educational leadership is grounded in those who inspired me and is rooted in supporting strong teams that do the critical work of teaching and preparing our children for successful futures. Whether the team includes a collection of teachers who meet weekly to review data and plan lessons, parents and educators working together as a strong PTA or accountability team, or our support staff who help transport our students and keep our campuses safe, warm, and clean - we all pull together to create the best possible learning experiences for our students.

To this end, our D38 motto for the 2019-2020 school year is One Team, Our Team. A village is comprised of numerous individuals, many groups, and various teams attending to their areas of expertise. These collective efforts create a unified power which works to positively impact our youth and the community we serve. I look forward to working with the D38 team and furthering our great path into the future. I hope you will join me this year and help maximize our impact. Our students truly are the future, and they deserve our very best.

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!