Honors Program

  • Honors courses at PRHS stress academic excellence and rigor. Courses are designed to purposefully teach in-depth content in an interactive classroom environment. Honors courses extend the ideas and content of the required standards-based curriculum by differentiating content, process, and product expectations and/or include a technology component that goes beyond that which would normally be done in the non-Honors course of a similar name. Course content integrates information from other disciplines, features topics dealing with world cultures and the humanities, emphasizes critical thinking, student-directed learning, interpersonal skills, and includes a variety of instructional strategies. Extensive reading and writing is incorporated in all Honors courses at Palmer Ridge High School. Honors Courses are NOT weighted, although colleges still consider them as advanced academics. For transfer students, previously taken Honors classes will not be weighted.

    Freshmen enrolling in Honors Courses must turn in a signed Honors Program Agreement at Registration. Honors Program Agreements may be downloaded from the PRHS website at www.lewispalmer.org/prhs. To access the form, go to the Departments tab, Counseling, Registration Materials. The Agreement should be signed by both the parent and the student and turned in at Registration. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors taking Honors Courses must have a teacher signature on their Registration form.

    Honors Courses offered for the 2022-2023 school year may be as follows*:

    • Honors English I, II
    • Honors Civics and Economics
    • Honors American History
    • Honors Biology
    • Honors Chemistry
    • Honors Geometry

    *AP Classes are also available for upper level advanced coursework.

For More Information:

  • Please contact the following Honors Program Department Coordinators:

    *Colleges recommend that you maintain at least a “B” average in the Honors classes you take.