Communication/Public Relations

  • The D38 Communication Department supports administration, staff, schools, and the Board of Education in their communication efforts with internal and external stakeholders. We are committed to supporting a positive educational environment for students, staff, parents, and community relationships through effective communication strategies. 

    Promotional and Advertising Opportunities


    • Maintain effective two-way communication systems between District 38 and its stakeholders
    • Distribute accurate, timely information about district policies, programs, procedures, announcements, achievements, decisions, and issues
    • Support overall communication efforts, both internally and externally, throughout LPSD
    • Promote and encourage feedback, suggestions, and ideas from the community and staff members 
    • Cultivate community engagement through the use of compelling words, images, content, websites, and social media channels
    • To be an exemplar for our students
    • Analyze and improve our communication strategies to best serve our students, staff, and community
    • Tell the potent stories of our students and staff
    • Promote and encourage positive messaging 
    • Strive for transparency throughout D38

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