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    The new mCLASS Parent Resource Site, will provide information and activities for parents in addition to the Home Connect letters already available. Parents can learn more about each literacy area and access activities to use at home to support their children. Activities are available in English and Spanish.  

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Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • Parents, please follow these expectations for traffic flow at Kilmer this year. Student and driver safety is our first concern as we work to bring everyone to and from this school of excellence.

     General Expectations:

    • Children are to arrive at school no earlier than 8:50. We do not offer supervision until 8:50. School starts (first bell) at 9:00 and tardy bell (second bell) is at 9:05. School is dismissed at 4:00.
    • Drive slowly, be alert, stay off cellular devices, be patient, be courteous, and follow the guidelines below.
    • Avoid buses.
    • No dropping students off in front of the building between 8:40 and 9:15.
    • There is no parking permitted in front of the building until 9:15, or until the buses have left the school grounds.
    • Buses have the right-of-way to leave the grounds at 9:05 and 4:05.
    • If buses are in the Bus Zone, no traffic is permitted to enter into the Bus Zone. Exception D38 private vehicles.
    • Enter the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone from the North end of the school property. If you are entering the school property from Bakers Farm Road, you must turn left at the stop sign, and then turn right into the Drop -Off/Pick -Up Zone.
    • Due to traffic congestion, we ask that pedestrians and bike riders use the crosswalks at the south end of the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone, and not the crosswalk by Baker’s Farm Road.

    Drop-Off/Pick-Up Lane Procedures:

    • Traffic dropping off or picking up students (no parking), may use the Drop-Off/Pick -Up Lane. 
    • Prepare students to exit and enter vehicles quickly, and safely using the vehicles left side doors.
    • Vehicles may then proceed forward to exit the zone. Please be patient. There is no parking allowed in this lane.
    • Students should exit/enter vehicles at the Exit/Enter Vehicles Area (this is the area directly next to the wood fence in the Drop -Off/Pick-Up Lane).

    Parking Procedures:

    • Drivers wanting to park and walk their students to the crosswalks, or to/from the building must use Parking Lane #1 or Parking Lane #2.
      • Parking Lane #1 is on the west side of the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone
      • Parking Lane #2 is west of the trees by the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone.
    • Proceed to the crosswalks at the corners.
    • If parking at Parking Lane #1, please walk on the grass west of the cars to the crosswalks. Do not cross the street.
    • Have students exit their vehicles from the right-side doors to avoid traffic.

    Adverse weather dismissal:

    Lighting, heavy rain, and/or icy conditions we will place a red flag at the north end of the building.  When the red flag is present or you don't see students walking down to the crosswalk alone we ask that you wait in the north parking loop until the buses depart. Once the buses depart please pull up to the circle at the south end of school. A staff member will take your name and as you pull around the loop we will send your student out the front door to meet you in front of the school. When pulling to the front of the school please go through the loop and drive down the front of the school – do not pull up and park – We don’t want to clog the area as this would slow down the pick up and go process. If you are in a hurry you are more than welcome to walk up from the north parking area to the building and pick your child up. Students walking home will be encouraged to stay at school until the lightening or severe weather has passed.

RKES Pick Up/Drop Off Map