Honors Program

What is the Honors Program at LPHS?

  • Honors courses at LPHS stress academic excellence and rigor. Courses are designed to purposefully teach in-depth content in an interactive classroom environment. Honors courses extend the ideas and content of the required standards-based curriculum by differentiating content, process, and product expectations and/or include a technology component that goes beyond that which would normally be done in the non-Honors course of a similar name. Course content integrates information from other disciplines, features topics dealing with world cultures and the humanities, emphasizes critical thinking, student-directed learning, interpersonal skills, and includes a variety of instructional strategies. Extensive reading, writing and/or problem-solving is incorporated in all Honors courses at Lewis-Palmer High School. Honors Courses are NOT weighted, although colleges still consider them advanced academics. AP classes are available for upper-level advanced coursework.

    The following Honors courses* are offered at LPHS:

    • Honors American History
    • Honors Civics & Economics
    • Honors English II
    • Honors Biology
    • Honors English I
    • Honors Geometry

    For additional information contact the following Honors Program Department Coordinators: