8 U.S. History

  • Welcome to Quarter 2

    Oct 12-15

    This week we will be:

    Discussing the Boston Tea Party 

    Learning about the Intolerable Acts

    Flex Wednesday instead of Friday

    Coming UP: Causes of the Revolution Test week of Oct 26th

    Oct 5-Oct 9

    This week we will be:

    * Learning about the Townshend Acts

    * Participating in a "No Taxation without Representation" activity

    * Analyzing the Boston Massacre

    * Reviewing the growing dissent from British rule

    Sept 28- Oct 2

    This week we will be:

    * Reviewing the French and Indian War

    * Starting the causes of the American Revolution (Proclamation Line of 1763, Sugar Act, Stamp Act)

    Please be sure to check Canvas for specific assignments!

    September 21-25

    This week we will be:

    * Finishing any notes on the colonies and reviewing in class

    * Taking the Columbian Exchange and Colony test

    * Learning about the French and Indian War

    * Completing a quiz (online) over the French and Indian War

    September 14-18

    This week we will be:

    * Students will be presenting their colonies to the class

    * Filling in our Colony charts 

    * Learning about the founding of the 13 colonies

    * Completing readings and questions on the Puritans

    * Completing the Colony Study guide

    September 8-11

    This week we will be:

    * Finishing the Columbian Exchange

    * Introducing the Colonies with a Colony Sales Pitch presentation

    * Completing the 13 Colony Map

    * Honoring 911 

    Welcome to the 8 U.S. History!

    We have an exciting year in front of us, and are happy to start on this journey with you! Our first week (August 24-28) together will be all remote learning, so make sure to check your American History teacher's Canvas courses for meetings, learning activities, and more information about your history class.

    This week:


    Get to know you activities

    Course information 

    Columbus and the Columbian Exchange