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    Please see below for weekly assignments and expecations.

             Student work will be assigned through Canvas.   

             Please check Canvas with your student for more detail.


    Week 5

    In School Day:

    -Turn in Personal Narrative Final (print in class, hand in)

    -Amplify 7A: Sub Unit 2 Lessons 1 & 2

    At Home Work

    -Revise writing activity from Amplify 7A: Sub Unit 2 Lesson 2 (turn in through Amplify, Content Indicator grade)

    Friday Flex Day:

    -Independent Book Summary Activity (Canvas)



    Week 4

    In School Day:

    -Personal Narrative (My Favorite Treasure) draft due (Google Doc, print in class)

    -Peer Editing

    -Complete the Revision & Editing Checklist

    -Writing Conferences 

    -Conflict Mini-Lesson


    At Home Assignments:

    -Read 20 minutes daily

    -Reading Summary (through Canvas)

    -Writer's Reflection

    -Complete final version of Personal Narrative (My Favorite Treasure)


    Week 3

    In School Day:

    Begin Personal Narrative Unit:

    -Narrative Writing Mentor Text

    -Top 5 List of Treasures

    -Quick writes 

    -Planning to write (10 SH points)


    At-Home Work:

    -Read 20 minutes every night

    -Summary of choice book reading

    -Type Narrative Essay Draft (10 SH points)

    -Strong Nouns Activity




    Week 2

    In School Day:

    -LPMS Library Tour

    -Grammar Pre-Test

    -Reading Comprehension Pre-Test

    -"I Am" Poem Rough Draft (10 points SH)


    At Home Assignments:

    - "I Am" Poem Final (20 points CI)

    - Find a choice book for independent reading 

    - Read your choice book for 20 minutes or more each day

    -Write a short summary of what you've read from your choice book (10 points SH)




    Week 1

      In Class:

    - Google Meet with your teacher at the assigned time.


    At Home:

    -Syllabus Assignment


    -Starting Points writing assignment


    -Email Your Teacher writing assignment

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