Physical Education

  • At PLES, students will participate in PE twice per week for 30 minutes, with the exception of half day kindergarten and 6th grade band students who will receive PE instruction one day per week for 30 minutes. Please refer to your home room teacher's "specials" schedule to see what day your child has PE.

    On PE days, please have your child wear tennis shoes and clothes that are appropriate for physical activity. Students will receive age appropriate instruction on gross motor skills and manipulative skills, including gymnastics, climbing, dance, short and long jumping, hockey, soccer, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, kickball, parachute, cooperative games, recreational activities, track and field day activities, and much more.

    During PE instruction, I expect students to abide by the three following rules:

    1. "Freeze, Look, and Listen"

    2. "Keep hands and feet to yourself"

    3. "Use equipment as instructed"


    The consequences for not following the gym rules will result in the following:

    1. Quiet warning

    2. Think Box visit (student may return to class when ready to behave appropriately)

    3. Think Box visit for the remainder of the class period

    4. Call home to parent

    5. Principal involvement and possible loss of PE privileges.


    A typical PE class will include four parts of instruction. When students enter the gym, they will immediately be given directions for an "Introductory Activity". This first part of class is used as a warm-up to get students' minds and bodies ready for more rigorous activity. Following the warm-up students will participate in a "Fitness Activity". During fitness time, students will work on the health related aspects of PE including cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Next comes the "Lesson Focus". This is the time where students will work on specific skills related to a given unit. Finally, students will always be given time for a "Game". The game is always a fun activity used towards the end of class and it may or may not be directly related to the lesson focus.