Arrival and Departure Procedures

Student Safety Information


    • Students must use sidewalks and crosswalks;
    • Students who ride bicycles must wear helmets;
    • Students must walk their bicycles on sidewalks and through crosswalks;
    • Students should be encouraged to buckle their seat belts before leaving the school parking lot;
    • Use of cell phones should be avoided in the school parking lot.

Arrival Procedure


    • The DROP OFF ZONE is from the beginning of the sidewalk to the front walkway of the school (along the curved red painted curb)
    • Staff members are at the beginning of the drop off zone (the start of the sidewalk) and the end of the drop off zone (the walkway that leads to the front doors of the school)
    • Parents should only drop off students BETWEEN the staff members on duty
    • Parents who park their cars and walk children in should use the 2 designated crosswalks
    • If you require extra time to unload your vehicle, or if you need to leave your vehicle to help unload children or equipment, you may stay in the car and proceed past the drop off zone to the far west end of the car lane.  This will keep our car line moving efficiently.
    • Students should not arrive prior to 8:45AM, as there is no supervision.

Departure Procedure


    • Front parking lot will be closed to all other traffic from 3:45 to 4:05PM
    • To minimize your wait time and to prevent back up on the street, it is OK to arrive for student pickup between 3:55 and 4:05pm. On bad weather days, students will be kept safe and warm inside the building.
    • Parked cars will not be able to exit the parking lot until 4:05pm, or until the car pickup line is finished.
    • Students using the car line will be dismissed from the LMC to the outside.
    • Parents will be asked to display a Family name card sign on the passenger side visor, to facilitate student loading.  If you're new to our school, that name plate will be coming home to you in your student's Thursday folder.
    • Loading spaces will be marked by number in the pickup lane.  Staff will assist with loading of 4 cars at a time.
    • Parents wishing to enter the school to pick up ther student(s) after 3:50pm, MUST park in the West lot.  West doors will be unlocked and monitored from 3:55pm until 4:05pm.
    • NO STUDENT may exit the West doors unless accompanied by a parent/adult.
    • The dismissal bell rings at 3:55pm.  All students who do not ride buses, should be picked up no later than 4:15pm.  The YMCA provides before/after care at our school, should you need to to make alternate arrangements.  


Hazardous Weather Conditions

  • After School:

    In the event of severe weather at dismissal time, our priority is to keep all children and staff safe.  Given enough advanced warning, we will raise a RED FLAG on our flagpole that will signify that we are holding the children inside until it is safe to dismiss.  Parents always have the option to park, walk in, and pick up their children, but we will NOT send the children out until it is safe to do so.