Welcome to the LPHS Counseling Department!

  • The information here is designed to help support students and parents through the high school years. The mission of the LPHS Counseling Department is to prepare ALL students to be college/career ready by planning a meaningful course of study, assisting students to academically achieve, and helping them grow and develop as lifelong learners.

    The Lewis-Palmer High School Counseling Team offers comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling to all students enrolled at LPHS. Counselors are experienced and licensed professionals in the field of Educational Counseling.

    Our School Counselors work with students, parents, staff, and the community to provide resources and support in each of the following areas in order to best prepare students for college and career success:

    Academics - To acquire academic behaviors and strategies for success in key content areas with an emphasis on writing skills, reading skills, and mathematical concepts.

    College/Career Plans - To develop post secondary goals, to create a yearly action plan, and to understand college entrance requirements and costs.

    Personal/Social Growth  - To gain knowledge and develop interpersonal skills, and to understand and respect oneself and others. 

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Schedule Change Info

    • If you do not have a full first semester schedule or have been misplaced in a class, you will be able to work with a counselor at Processing to make necessary changes. Other changes (listed below) can be addressed by completing a schedule change request form. These will be available at Processing and during the first few days of school.

    • Changes in schedules are made for the following reasons only:

      • Not enough classes (less than 7)

      • Failed prerequisite for a course

      • Academically misplaced

      • Junior or Senior needing a course for graduation

      • Missing part "B" of an academic course

    ** Please note that any changes made to the schedule may impact class placement and teacher assignment for the entire schedule**

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