• 9th and 11th Grades
    ​Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Champion(719) 488-6181  
    Grade Level Administrator: Mr. Sides(719) 488-4720

    10th and 12th Grades 
    ​Attendance Secretary: Mrs. Armbruster(719) 488-6180  
    Grade Level Administrator: Mr. Saunders(719) 488-4720

  • Attendance Check In/Check Out Procedures
    Students returning to the building or arriving during the school day are required to check in at the Attendance Office before proceeding to class. All students must check out of the building through the Attendance Office when leaving early. Students must have permission from a parent, guardian, or emergency contact to leave the building. If a student does not check in or out, the periods during the absence may be considered unexcused, and a discipline referral will be issued. Parents are asked to send a note in advance to excuse a student for appointments.

    Excused Absences
    Students who are absent will be marked excused only upon notification by a parent or guardian to the Attendance Office. Calls can be made 24 hours a day by using the voice mail system/phone number of the grade level Attendance Secretary. Parents/guardians have one day (24 hours) after an absence in which to clear that absence. If contact with the school is not made within 24 hours after the absence, it may remain unexcused. Students who are more than 15 minutes late are considered absent.
    Parents may request homework for students who will be absent two (2) or more days by emailing teachers. Please let the Attendance Office know if you need help contacting teachers in regards to an extended absence.