One Act Play: There's No More Dying Then February 3-4.

  • Throughout the year, Drama Club is one big, giant family that works together to put on the various theatrical productions that LP produces. Whether you are someone that likes being on stage telling stories with the lights shining down on you, or you prefer being the one that builds the sets or operates the light board, Drama Club is a great place to call home for your time here at Lewis-Palmer high school.

    Instilling a great love of theatre while inspiring self-confidence, discipline, and respect of the performing arts.

    Theatre Handbook-Syllabus

  • Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

    One-Act Play: s/f There's No More Dying Then


    Senior Prac Production

  • Shining Under the Spotlight this fall...

    Matilda, wearing a blue dress, sits on a bed and reads a bookSchoolchildren dance on a theatre stage with iron gate props in the background

    Schoolgirls huddle in a group with nervous looks on their faces in front of an iron gate propTrunchbull stretches in a classroom scene on a theatre stage

    Trunchbull pulls a student's ear with another student cowering next to herRudolpho dips Mrs Wormwood while dancing with a sofa in the background, both wearing black outfitsA boy dressed as an Army soldier crawls out from underneath a table with a red checkered tablecloth

    A girl twirls in a ballerina outfit with her arms above her; other students dressed in costumes behind herActors dressed as the Russian Mafia beat another character with a baseball batMichael Wormwood plays a ukulele while Mr Wormwood helps him from behind Bruce Bogtrotter sings, wearing a schoolboy's outfit and suspenders

    An acrobat and magician stand while holding handsMrs Wormwood sits on a hospital gurney wearing a blue smock while a nurse wheels her away; other characters stand behind

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