Drama Club

  • Throughout the year, Drama Club is one big, giant family that works together to put on the various theatrical productions that LP produces. Whether you are someone that likes being on stage telling stories with the lights shining down on you, or you prefer being the one that builds the sets or operates the lightboard, Drama Club is a great place to call home for your time here at Lewis-Palmer High School.

  • Thank you to all who auditioned for A Midsummer Night's Dream

    We will have scripts available and a read-through on 12/7 from 3:00 - 4:15.  

    Oberon Cameron Gearhart
    Titania Keagan Yancy
    Puck Lindiwe Gichuki
    Peasblossom Maren Stickrath
    Mustardseed Heaven Darvis
    Cobweb Leah Reyes
    Erin O'Connors, Perry Hall,
    Alaura Bryn,
    Shelby Baxter, Danielle Lashley
    Edgas Jackson McClernon
    Demeterius Jonathan Lilley
    Lysander Joshua Mautz
    Hermia Emily Price
    Helena Lyndon Elmer
    Quince Sydney Bell
    Bottom Zach Converse
    Flute Annika Lindemann
    Snug Anna Koester
    Starveling Noelle Garcia
    Snout Michael Nunez
    Mechanical Tabor Hayes Understudy Flute
    Thesus Tristan Clark
    Hippolta Katie Oliger
    Courtier Alyssa Bell Understudy Hippolta
  • 2022-23 Season:

    Disney's Newsies the Broadway Musical October 27-29

    A Midsummer Night's Dream                     February 2-4

    Frozen Jr.                                                     April 27-29

    2021-22 Season:

    Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

    One-Act Play: s/f There's No More Dying Then


    Senior Prac Production

For more information:

  • Disney's Newsies the Musical

    Jack and CrutchiePapes for the NewsiesJack and LesRomeo and Kate


    Carrying the BannerMedda

    TapNewsiesDeliMore Newsies