Drama Club


    Hope: Giselle J

    Daniel: Andrew M

    Suzette: Anna B


    Ginette: Hannah C

    Pete: Jayson T


    Jimmy: Shaun M

    Sandrine: Katie S

    Villian: Kylee C


    Gayle: Isabel H

    Lendall: Conner G


    East: Tallyn G

    Glory: Sara O


    Steve: Scott R

    Marvelyn: Madelyn M


    Stage Mgr: Amelia H

    Set/Lights: Emma Bolander

    Set/Sound: Braedon W

    Props/Run: Java H

    Props/Run: Emma S


     If you can look over your lines over break at this website...


    Have a great break if I don't see you




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  • Congratulations to all cast and crew! There were so many great auditions and applications for tech. I am incredibly grateful for the passion and desire you all have to be a part of this show. Unfortunately because of the many applications and auditions we had to make many cuts. This resulted in many difficult decisions. If you did not get cast or make a crew for this show, please keep trying. For those that were chosen for Beauty and the Beast: in LP theatre, I expect the greatest amount of respect and professionalism for how each of you carry yourselves now and throughout this process. There will inevitably be disappointment and excitement. Please keep that in mind with how you interact this weekend and heading back to school next week.


    There will be a mandatory cast and crew meeting on Tuesday at 3pm. Please note there is also a parent meeting scheduled for Wednesday September 5th at 5pm. Please do everything you can to relay this information to any of your parents. Additionally, there will be a two strike policy for this show for any unexcused absences.


    Scott Reif


    Kylee Crews

    Mrs. Potts

    Sara Oliver


    Tallyn Gillespie


    Matthew Gordon

    Babette/Female Villager

    Madelyn McDermott


    Anders Arneson


    Taylor Bird


    Ryan Lewis

    Madame de la Grande Bouche/Female Villager

    Caroline D’Ambra


    Devin Crews

    Monsieur Darque

    Shaun Murphy

    Old Beggar Woman/Villager/Servant

    Kayli Ecklund


    Ethan Boyd

    Silly Girl 1/Servant

    Giselle Jimenez

    Silly Girl 2/Servant

    Elizabeth Wells

    Silly Girl 3/Servant

    Liz Jirele

    Sausage Curl Girl/Servant

    Jamie McPartland

    Lady with Baby/Servant

    Java Hammitt


    Aristocratic Lady/Servant

    Katie Strugalski

    Lady w/cane/Servant

    Ireanee DeVeyra


    Emily Oliger


    Brecken Lusk

    Fish man/Crony 1/Servant

    Daniel Ratliff

    Egg woman/Crony 2/ Servant

    Jaidyn Schortzman


    Emma Ackerman


    Jayson Trutwin

    Shepherd Boy/Crony/Servant

    Chase Nylander

    Female Villager/Egg Timer

    Brooke Koback

    Candle Woman/Servant

    Brynn Elmer

    Female Villager/Dust Pail

    Ella McRae

    Female Villager/Servant

    Madeline Bane

    Female Villager/Servant

    Madison Squibb



    Stage Manager

    Amelia Haug

    Asst Stage Manager

    Ethan Smith

    Asst Stage Manager Intern

    Addison Haworth

    Director’s Assistant

    Isabel Hebenstreit

    Lighting Designer

    Emma Bolander

    Sound Crew Head

    Andrew McCann

    Props Wrangler/Crew Head

    Cate Mitchell

    Run Crew Head

    Tanner Park

    Costume Coordinator/Crew Head

    Iliah Derbort

    Set Construction Crew Head

    Briana Nelson

    House Crew Head

    Melody Fike

    Light Crew

    Braedon Williams

    Light Crew

    Reaghan Fields

    Light Crew

    Max Kaiser

    Light Crew

    Mikaela Derbort

    Light Crew

    Ashley Wagers

    Light Crew

    Zabel Germano

    Sound Crew

    Sara Sorenson

    Sound Crew

    Mollie Albanesi

    Sound Crew

    Anna Praiswater

    Sound Crew

    Emma Soldani


    Run Crew

    Madison Reif

    Run Crew

    Ashley Wise

    Run Crew

    Caitlin Schwartz

    Run Crew

    Catie Albanesi

    Run Crew

    Sela Miske

    Run Crew

    Christopher Cross

    Prop Crew

    Luke Bettner

    Prop Crew

    Bailey McAmis

    Prop Crew

    Joshua Hayes

    Prop Crew

    Brenna Wise

    Costume Crew

    Kelsey Smola

    Costume Crew

    Rachel Carr

    Costume Crew

    Emma Tillotson

    Costume Crew

    Belle Coon

    Costume Crew

    Heidi Hall

    Publicity Crew

    Ashlynn Tarleton

    Bobby G Crew/Publicity Crew

    Danielle Ranisate

    Bobby G Crew/Publicity Crew

    Mikayla Boles

    House Crew

    Emelie Brooks

    House Crew

    Lillian Hyatt

    House Crew

    Marin Masters

    Set Construction Crew

    Danny Mott

    Set Construction Crew

    Kylee Burton

    Set Construction Crew

    Martynenko Dmytro

    Set Construction Crew

    Ryan Smith

    Set Construction Crew

    Maria Eduardo de Araujo

    Set Construction Crew

    Katie Schultz

    Set Construction Crew

    Maggi O’Donnell

    Set Construction Crew

    Lucas Reilly

    Set Construction Crew

    Taryn Blatchford

    Set Construction Crew

    Paige Dayton

    Flex Crew

    Ellie Demuth

    Flex Crew

    Rally Thiessen

    Flex Crew

    Jessica Neidig


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  • Theatre Handbook-Syllabus

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  • THESCON 2018

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