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  • We are The D38 Bearbotics Robotics Team!

    Browse this web page for an overview of the team and activities for the 2022-2023 school year -- for full details, please refer to our main website.

    Click here to get on our "I'm Interested in Robotics" list (for students, parents and teachers) so we can follow up with you. We're nice -- we don't bite -- well, at least most of the time....

    Bearbotics is a high-performance, high-achievement experiential learning program for STEM-focused students. We build large, custom, high-power, complex robots -- using the latest design and fabrication tools like CAD, CAM and CNC -- and compete with them (video of a good match -- we're robot #4068 with red bumpers -- the field is the same size as a basketball court). Bearbotics is available to all students in grades 9-12 in any school, campus or academy within D38. We meet at the "Bear Cave" at 55 Adams St. in Monument (in the Grace Best campus). Highlights:

    • We offer 2 programs, both for high school students:
      • FTC: helps students develop the core robotics skills more quickly. Recommended for all "rookie" students in Bearbotics, especially for grades 9-10, but students in grades 11-12 are welcome too.
      • FRC (#4068): offers maximum challenge and skills building, especially for engineering and related fields. Think of FRC as a combination of a demanding AP class and a highly-competitive varsity sport. This will be "the hardest fun you've ever had".
        • Information meeting: 2-5 PM on 8/13 at the Bear Cave
        • Kickoff meeting: 6-8 PM on 9/8 at the Bear Cave
        • Student registration deadline: we recommend that students are regularly meeting with the FRC team by 9/30/22, but the final joining deadline is 10/28/22
      • Refer to this table for a comparison of the challenge level and time and travel demands between FRC and FTC
      • For the 2022-2023 school year, the student activity fee for Bearbotics teams (both FTC and FRC) is $150 per student. Travel costs (which may be substantial in FRC) are additional. Students must follow the Code of Conduct whenever involved in team activities and travel.
    • Although the main focus of Bearbotics is STEM (especially mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science), there's ample opportunity to work on other critical skills too, such as leadership, teamwork, creativity/innovation and communication.
    • Students from past years point to these benefits for being active in Bearbotics:
      • Opportunity to develop real leadership skills in large competitive teams
      • Working on complex real-world projects and competing against top students from across the US and the World (world-class competition builds stronger skills)
      • Lots of practice strengthening those deep engineering skills and talents that made a difference in college classes
      • Comradery with other students who share interests in STEM
    • Students are mentored by active practicing professionals in the engineering and technology fields.
    • Head coaches:
      • FTC: Jeanette Breton (email)
      • FRC: Mike Hinkle (email)

    New for 2022: we're seeking students (grades 5-8) to participate in FLL (FIRST LEGO League) teams, and in grades 7-8 to participate in FTC -- plus teachers and parents to coach and host these teams. If you're interested, please fill out this survey and attend the Information Session from 10 - 11:30 AM on 8/13 at the Bear Cave.

    Bearbotics Recent Achievements
  • Robot Performance TrendlineThe Bearbotics Robotics Team (FRC #4068) continued its track record of strong improvement in the most recent competitive season (aligned with the 2021-2022 school year). Here are some of the highlights:

    - Measured on robot competitive performance, during Spring 2022 we were the #3-ranked team in Colorado, and in the top 6% of teams world-wide.

    - We led the Finalist Alliance at the Arizona North Regional against top teams from all over the western US. (This was our highest competitive performance ever.)

    - We won the highly-valued "Gracious Professionalism" award at the Colorado Regional

    - We set the event high scores at both the Arizona North and Colorado Regionals (another first for us)

    - We compete against teams from schools of all sizes, capabilities and resource levels; in our recent history we've competed against teams from 18 States and 8 foreign countries. In our last 5 regional events, we've reached at least the Semi-Finals all 5 times, the Finals 3 times, and won the event once.

    Bearbotics Alpha winner at CO Metro SW TourneyWe started 3 FTC teams in the 2021-2022 school year. Here's a summary of their achievements:

    "Alpha" (#19541): won the largest Qualifier tournament in Colorado and went to the State Championship (see the picture). Also won 3rd Place in the Innovate Award.

    "Beta" (#19970): achieved the highest tournament ranking of any rookie Bearbotics robotics team in Bearbotics history.

    "Gamma" (#20771): won 2nd Place in the Innovate Award.

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