Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • At the start of each year, traffic in all the lots can be a problem. We would respectfully continue to ask that parents who drop students off before or pick up after school do so carefully. It is crucial that parents use the drop-off/pick-up lane before and after school in the upper parking lot. It is also helpful when parents abide by the posted signs in no parking and drop off zones. We are concerned that a student, staff member or other pedestrian will be hit when caution and signs are not followed in our parking areas. Parents who prefer to use the parking lot instead of the drop off lane are encouraged to park in the lot in the painted parking spaces while they are waiting for or dropping off their child. We truly appreciate your cooperation and effort to ensure our parking lots stay safe for our students, staff and community.

    Bus riders will be dropped off in the lower entrance bus loop. Parents, please do not use the bus loop for dropping off or picking up your student.