• K-Kids

    K-Kids is the Kiwanis Club at the elementary level. It is a resource for school leadership and for humanitarian and community service. We meet most Friday mornings from 8:00-8:35 a.m. in the library. Please check the calendar for exact meeting dates.  

    When the school district is on a two-hour delayed start due to weather/road conditions, the K-Kids meeting will not be held that day.

    2021/2022 School Year

    K-Kids Meetings                      K-Kids' Officers

    September 24                                                           President - Norah

    October 8, 22                                                          Vice President - Isaac

    November 12                                                              Secretary - Claire

    December 3                                                                Treasurer - Taliyah

    January 7, 21                                         Sergeant-at-Arms - Kristian, Leigha, and Luca

    February 4, 18                                          Kiwanis Representative - Mr. Jamie Riegert

    March 11

    April 8, 22

    May 6

  • K-Kids Pledge

    "As a K-Kid, I promise to serve my neighborhood and my school.

    I will show respect toward my environment and I will try to make

    the world a better place in which to live."

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