Arrival and Departure Procedures

  • If you do choose to drop off or pick up your child each day, or need to do so on occasion, we ask that you adhere to the following:

    • The west side of the building is for parent drop off only. If you wish to remain in your vehicle while your child exits the car, you may enter Creekside Drive and proceed to the last driveway on the right that runs parallel to the playground. Form a single line along the curbside, continuing forward to the second set of stairs, where a staff member will be standing. Children must exit the car on the curbside. After unloading your child(ren), please carefully follow the road around to Leather Chaps to exit. You may carefully pull to the left to pass unloading vehicles in front of you. In the morning, do not sit in your car and wait for your child to enter the building. You will hold up the vehicles behind you waiting to drop off their child(ren). Never leave your car unattended while in line. If you are running late in the morning and there is no longer staff on the west side, please bring your child to the main school entrance.

    • If you wish to walk your child(ren) to or from the building, please enter the parking lot in front of the school at the west end. There are designated parking spots in the parking lot for your use at the west end of the row closest to Creekside Drive. You must use the center parking lot crosswalk to walk your child(ren) to the building. Do NOT allow them to walk through the parking lot alone. To exit the parking lot, proceed west, turn right and merge into the existing traffic lane parallel to the playground. Follow the road around to Leather Chaps to exit.

    •  At dismissal time, please use the EAST SIDE of the building for parent pick up if your student(s) is/are in kindergarten, first, second, or fourth grades. Siblings and students carpooling with a kindie, first, second, or fourth grader should also utilize the East Side pick up area. Please use the WEST SIDE of the building for parent pick up if your student(s) is/are in third, fifth, or sixth grade.

    • If you wish to park and pick up your child(ren), please meet them on the east side of the building on the basketball courts. Once you have your child(ren), please proceed to the main crosswalk to return to your vehicle.

    • There is a monitored crosswalk at Leather Chaps that provides a safe crossing if your child chooses to walk to school. This is the only intersection that your child(ren) should use to cross Leather Chaps or Creekside Drive.

    • If your child rides their bicycle to school, we ask that they walk it through the crossing guard-monitored intersection and continue to walk it to the bike racks. This will keep both the walkers and bikers safe.

    • The fire lane directly in front of the school is for bus unloading and loading only. PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THIS LANE BETWEEN 8:40-9:10am AND 3:30-4:00pm. Students should not be dropped off or picked up in this area between those times.


    While we realize it might not be perfect or convenient, this plan can work if everyone is careful and diligent in following the procedures that have been laid out. Thank you for your support in keeping our children safe and out of harm’s way.