2nd Grade


  • Gratitude Journals

    Gratitude Journals were given at Parent Night.  Please journal with your child.  I cannot express enough the "A-ha!" moments you will experience when writing with your child, not to forget the keep sake the journal makes in the years to come.

    Gratitude Journals


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  • Parents,

    Please sign and have your child return the Permission to Participate Release Form ASAP.  This is an exciting time for our school to work together as a team, and to finish as a school.

    Fun Run   


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  • Math:  Please work on SplashMath for 5 - 10 minutes nightly.  I have assigned lessons, and you will have a "splash" of a time challenging yourself through the skills.

    Home Links:    

    Homelink Unit 1 Due:  Thursday, September 11th

    Homelink Unit 2 Due:  Tuesday, October 2nd

    Math Home Link


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  • Dear Parents,

    The Second Grade September Calendar came home in your child's Thursday Folder. Please refer to the calendar for your child's presentation date.  This month's presentation is Five Artifacts that Mean Something to Me. A rubric, along with the expectations for the presentation, can be found stapled to the calendar.

    The Getting to Know You Presentations were amazing.  As a parent, you would have been proud.  Thank you for your support.     




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  • Dear Parents and Students,


    I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

    As we begin our year together, I will make certain to provide the following:  


    1. I will pay attention to who are.

    2. I will provide you with a physically and psychologically safe learning environment.

    3. I will listen to your words verbally, non-verbally and read your written work to do a better job of meeting your needs. 

    3.  I will set you up to succeed.

    4.  We will learn from our mistakes.

    5.  I will provide you with challenging and engaging instruction.

    6.  I will learn alongside you. 


    My Hopes and Dreams for my Students: 

    1.  Become self-directed thinkers.

    2.  Observe the world and ask, "Why?"

    3.  Acquire tools needed to pursue answers.

    4.  Be courageous and kind.   


    My Hopes and Dreams for Parents of My Second Graders: 

    1. Play with your child.

    2. Share the gifts of reading and writing with your child.

    3.  Together, we will grow your child.           


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  • school supplies


     2nd Grade School Supply List 2019-2020






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