Welcome to 5th Grade!

  • 5th grade at Kilmer provides cooperative learning experiences across the disciplines. Partial departmentalization provides students with opportunities to have curriculum taught by different teachers in the areas of expertise, while preparing them for middle school with organizational skills and expectations. Many hands on activities and use of technology are provided on a daily basis. We pride ourselves on building relationships with students as well as focusing on their academic achievements! Come to Kilmer!

  • 5th Grade Schedule 

    A-D Days

    9:00-9:15 Typing Agent
    9:15-10:15 Specials
    10:15-12:55 Reading/Writing/Math
    12:55-1:15  Rotation 1 Writing/Science
    1:15-1:55 Lunch/Recess
    2:00- 2:25  Finish Rotation 1 
    2:25-3:10  Rotation 2 Writing/Science
    3:10-3:55  Rotation 3 Writing/Science
    4:00 Dismissal

    I Days

    9:00-9:15 Typing Agent
    9:15-10:00 Innovation (5D,5G) SS (5C)
    10:15-11:40 Reading
    11:45-1:15  Math
    1:15-1:55 Lunch/Recess
    2:00- 2:30  Science
    2:30-3:55  SS (5D,5G) 
    2:30-3:00 SS (5C)
    3:00-3:45  Innovation (5C)
    4:00 Dismissal