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    In an effort to preserve resources, Lewis-Palmer School District uses an on-line Annual Update through Infinite Campus which replaces most of the annual required paperwork from the past. All families are asked to complete this each year in July before school starts. Parents/guardians must login through their Infinite Campus parent portal account to complete this process. The only additional paperwork needed will be any of the required forms that are not part of the annual update, and any optional forms that may apply to your student(s).


    If you do not complete the annual update, you can print out those applicable forms below and turn them in to the school with any other required and optional forms. They can be turned in during student processing for middle and high school students, or open house events for elementary students.


    The Infinite Campus Annual Update will be active beginning July 7-31, 2021. Must be completed by August 1, 2021. Parents/guardians are asked to log into their Infinite Campus Parent Portal Accounts to verify and complete the following:  

    • Home and mailing address, family contact information, and emergency contacts for each student
    • Annual Health Information, including the upload of any updated student immunization records
    • Technology Permissions Form JS-E1
    • School Handbook Signature Page
        • If you do not have an Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account, or have forgotten your login information, please sign up on our website.

    Please read the information below then click on the appropriate grade level tab to see District and PRHS forms.


    PROCESSING DAYS 2021-2022 (Posted 6-30-2021)


    STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021-2022 (Posted 6-29-2021)

    All students/parents should read the Student Handbook before acknowledging in the Annual Update.


    SCHOOL PHOTOS 2021-2022

    Order your photos at and used Picture Day ID:  EVTCG2NHV.  Click here for pricing information.


    FRESHMEN SURVIVAL GUIDE 2021-2022  (To be updated for 2021-2022)


    Supply List for PRHS

    There is not an official school supply list for PRHS students.  Teachers will let students know what supplies will be needed for each class. Please come to school on the first day prepared with pen, pencil and notebook.  If you would like to donate disinfectant wipes and/or hand sanitizer that would be greatly appreciated.