Battle of the Books

  • Battle of the Books Battle of the Books is a regional reading competition for fifth graders in the Pikes Peak area to encourage them to read a diverse selection of quality, challenging literature written by a variety of children’s authors.  The Battle list, which may be found on the Resources page,  is composed of forty titles of highly recommended young adult novels.  Students are placed on teams of four and given questions about the books in a “quiz-bowl” fashion.

    We encourage all incoming fifth graders to consider being a part of Battle of the Books.  It is a great opportunity to read a variety of wonderful books, a great academic challenge and one of my favorite activities every year! I love watching 5th graders become voracious readers of great literature! The discussions this opens about books stretches everyone who chooses to participate. I encourage all parents to talk with your child about joining Battle of the Books during their 5th grade year. 


    Battle will be on Mondays starting the second week of September.  All fifth graders are encouraged to come find out more about being in battle on September 10th!  Battle takes place over lunch; please pack a brown bag!  Start reading now!

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