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  • Why Chess? Check the research... chess playing kids do better at school, and it's fun!


    Welcome to the Kilmer Chess Club. The purpose of the club is to provide a place for Kilmer students in grades K-6 to improve their chess skills, as well as introduce the game to students wishing to learn. (Kindergarten students must attend with an adult willing to play/help.) The club is run by parent volunteers who want to provide this opportunity to Kilmer students. 100% of the fees go directly to the Kilmer Chess Club. 


    We will do what we can to teach the basics and help everyone improve their chess skills in a fun and positive environment. The club will meet at 8:00am in the Kilmer cafeteria. We will strive to provide both instruction and play time at each meeting. There will be a total of 10 meetings, unless there are school delays/cancellations, and we will hold a tournament at the end. 

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