Mrs. Georganna Rapaport

Phone: (719) 488-4760


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science, Marketing Management, Virginia Tech Master of Arts, Elementary Education, Regis University K-6 Teaching Certificate K-12 Endorsement in Gifted and Talented Education Office Hours: 8:15 to 8:45, 1:40 - 2:40.

Mrs. Georganna Rapaport

Why I Teach: I believe learning is the vehicle by which we develop self-identity and purpose.  

I am a learner first. Learning doesn’t just happen in school; it is all around us. As parents and educators, we model the life of learning daily. Learners enjoy the process and benefit from reflection. Learning often feels difficult, which means we are stretching ourselves for further growth. Learners have high expectations of themselves and those around them. I hope my students embrace a love of learning and carry it with them throughout life.

I enjoy learning about:

  1. Empowering students to take control of their learning.
  2. The art of leadership.
  3. Psychology… the science of behaviors, our mind, and how to make it all come together to improve life.
  4. Reflection.  Looking back to be better moving forward.

Learning is personal. A bit about me...

I am originally from the Southern Tier of Upstate New York. My love of learning came from my Mom who was a school teacher. She also taught me the art of caring for others. My work ethic comes from my Dad who created a highly successful business and put four children through college. He is my inspiration. I am the oldest of four siblings. Today, we live many miles apart, which is one thing I wish I could change.

After graduating from a small private high school, I was ready to stretch my wings. I wanted to go south (have you ever lived through an Upstate New York winter?) and to a big school. I found home in Blacksburg, VA at Virginia Tech. During my freshman year, I met my future husband, Darren; we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in June.

Darren and I have two children, Brennan, 16, and Hayden, 13, who both attend Lewis-Palmer schools.  I love to share my passion for learning with them; they help me to see learning through the eyes of my students. Caring for my family is the best thing I do.

2nd Grade - Homeroom

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