Ms. Kim Sinkola

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Ms. Kim Sinkola

French Teacher

Bonjour! Bienvenue à la classe de français!
I am looking forward to meeting new French 1 students and seeing those students who are continuing their study of French in levels 2,3,4, and AP French. I have spent this summer expanding my knowledge of the French language and Francophone cultures by participating in my French conversation group meetings and attending many events sponsored by l'Alliance Française in Denver. During the summer I have completed 9 out of 12 credits towards my certificate program through CU Boulder to earn the Certificate of Language Teaching with Technology. Of course, I am also working on planning a trip to France for myself and students during Spring Break 2019!
You might wonder how I’ve come to be “une enseignante de français.” Long ago, in a state far, far, away (Minnesota), I was a high school student who loved languages and studied French, German and Spanish while in high school. In college, at the University of Minnesota – Duluth, between going to hockey games (Go Bulldogs!) and playing tennis, I chose to specialize in French and graduated with my B.A. in French. After college, I took time to have three children, several different careers, and learned a great deal while enjoying a very full life.
I became a licensed teacher through the PPBOCES Teacher-in-Residence program while living in Colorado in 2006, and have been teaching here in District 38 since that time. I love helping people of all ages reach their goals and broaden their knowledge which is why teaching is the profession I’ve chosen. I am anticipating a rewarding year working with students, staff, and parents at Palmer Ridge. Go Bears!

For the second year at PRHS we are offering the class called World Languages and Cultures and I teach that class during 7th period. We spend time getting to know a little bit of Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, and French while really digging deep into the cultural products, practices, and perspectives of the people who speak these languages.  

If you are interested in French culture and language please join us in French Club. The best way to contact me is through email at 

Office Hours/Hood D
7:10 to 7:40 daily
3:00 to 3:30 daily
Period 2 on Navy Days
Period 8 on Gold Days


  • Period 1 - French 1
    Period 2 - Plan
    Period 3 - French 1
    Period 4 - French 2
    Period 5 - French 2/3
    Period 6 - French 3/4/AP
    Period 7 - World Language and Cultures
    Period 8 - Plan