• School Overview
    Palmer Lake Elementary is a K-6 school within a quaint, economically diverse community that enjoys tremendous support from parents, students, staff, and patrons who live in the area.
    Over the years, the school has received many face-lifts that have resulted in a school that is full of charm and exudes a welcoming atmosphere. We continue to press forward with technology capabilities and are able to maximize student learning.

    Palmer Lake Elementary School is located in the Tri-Lakes area fifteen miles north of Colorado Springs in the rural foothills community of Palmer Lake. The building is situated at the base of Sundance Mountain close to the northern end of El Paso County’s Sante Fe Trail.

    Student Demographics
    Asian/Pacific average 1.8%, African American 3%, Caucasian 83.7%, Hispanic 9.1% and American Indian/Alaskan 2.4%. Special Education students account for 10% of our population

    The school houses approximately 300 students Kindergarten through sixth grade.
    Palmer Lake Elementary School also offers a wide range of research-based strategies, educational services and data analysis for every learner through: regular education classes, Title 1 Reading or Math assistance, ELL, Special Education, Counseling Services, and Gifted Classes. We have a full time Instructional Coach who supports learning throughout the building by working with teachers and students. There is a full time counselor, a part-time psychologist one and a half days per week, a Gifted and Talented Teacher, Art, Music, Physical Education, Technology, K-6th grade teachers, and a district school nurse who offers her expertise once a week.

    The preschool offers special education services to any identified pre-school age child in the district and a tuition-based program to typical peers.  Our pre-school is housed off-site in downtown Monument.  

    The staff at Palmer Lake Elementary School is committed to addressing the academic needs of our students.
    They have set goals around continual improvement of student achievement at its highest level.
    Teachers have identified the qualities of excellent achievement and focus their efforts on opportunities for students to achieve knowledge, strong communication skills, critical/creative thinking and citizenship.
    The staff at Palmer Lake Elementary School works hard at providing high levels of learning for all students so they can reach their full potential.