Principal's Message

  • From Mrs. Peggy Griebenow

    A child’s life is like a piece of paper upon which every person leaves a mark. 

                                                                                                                                  -Chinese proverb

    Welcome to Palmer Lake Elementary and the 2022-2023 school year.  Whether you are returning as a seasoned parent or brand new to our school family, I am looking forward to what this year has in store for our children.  I believe that elementary school - of all places - should be a joyful place.  We want kids to find joy in learning.  Our staff finds joy in working with children. 

    Greek philosopher Aristotle is credited with saying, “educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”   Simply put:  Education is heart work before it is head work.  Teaching the whole child at PLES matters.  The rustic signs in our school foyer were chosen by staff.   Several years ago, when we were doing vision/mission work, teams of teachers were asked to find a quote that best described our school. What they selected is what now hangs on our foyer wall.  All of those signs are about doing the heart work of education first!  Students and teachers participate in daily Morning Meetings to build community within their classroom and across our school.  Topics of these morning meetings include:  kindness, integrity, responsibility, generosity, empathy, as well as topics that kids love to talk about such as sports, interests, and hobbies.  

    The head work of education means that we are committed to providing high levels of learning for all students so they may reach their full potential. We do this by using rigorous and engaging curriculum resources.  

    CKLA, which stands for Core Knowledge Language Arts, is our K-5 literacy resource.  In 6th grade we use the partner ELA curriculum called Amplify ELA 6-8.  CKLA and Amplify are curricula that not only meet the Colorado Department of Education’s core literacy standards,but most importantly align with the Science of Reading. Evidence shows that by explicitly teaching phonemic awareness, phonics and vocabulary, our students can be expected to be reading at grade level by third grade.  Fluency and comprehension are also components of our literacy block with more time allotted in the upper grades and students begin to make the shift from learning to read to reading to learn.  

    Everyday Math and Reveal Math are the resources we use to teach math at Palmer Lake.  One of the best parts about this curriculum is that students are given opportunities to develop proficiency with their math skills by playing games.  

    As our staff puts their mark on your child’s life this year, our hope is the imprints we leave on their life will be positive and uplifting - that they will love school and learn much!  

    ~ Peggy Griebenow

    PLES Principal