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Mr. Josh Belk

Theatre Teacher

I love theatre. I love everything about it. Acting. Building sets. Rehearsing. Costumes. But mostly, I love seeing the moment--that one instant--when a kid goes from acting the part to being the part. Or letting go of a show because the stage manager is so in the flow of running the production that I am unnecessary. Or hearing that shy freshmen belt the high note for all her worth. There are few joys in life that compare to seeing a student fully committed to doing what they love. I get to see that all the time, and it is amazing.

I love that theatre is all-inclusive. For anyone that wants it and is willing to find it, there is a niche in theatre. For some it is on stage--and that is great. For others, it is moving scenery--and that is great too. Or painting. Or dancing. Or construction or lighting or singing or or or... Welcome to theatre. Take a seat. We have a place for you.

I am very proud to be the Director of Theatre for Palmer Ridge High School. The students of Bear Necessity have been recognized on the local, state and national levels. There are no plans to alter that. There are great things in store.


  • Period 1 - Plan
    Period 2 - Contemporary Film Genres 
    Period 3 - Theatre Production  
    Period 4 - Theatre Production  
    Period 5 - Plan
    Period 6 - Beginning Theatre Arts B
    Period 7 - Improv
    Period 8 - Intermediate Theatre Arts B