Mrs. Yolanda Martinez

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Mrs. Yolanda Martinez

I want to teach students the importance of having empathy. One of the biggest goals that I believe teachers need to address is to let students know they are safe and that not everything may look fair from a student's perspective. Each individual student needs to have a certain comfort level to share ideas and concerns for others by putting themselves in a position to think about others and not always themselves.

The plan I have set for this year is to implement a growth mindset in each student, so they can see beyond what is required: working together to accomplish a classroom where everyone is learning because that is the right thing to do. Encouraging peers through their actions and words will make this happen in the class. Empathy is necessary to achieve a growth mindset classroom. Exposing students to activities, books, and videos that show how to persevere, have grit and resiliency through failure. Once students are comfortable with "not being there yet," we can then move on to achieving an empathic classroom where everyone is learning and growing.

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