• Expectations: 

    * The following expectations will be adhered to in class as outlined below.  Please reference course syllabus in regards to Grading, Attendance, Participation, and Specific class details.     

    All Classes:

    1. Expect all students to come to class prepared, and on time.
    2. NO CELL PHONES: Except if teacher request the use of them.
    3. Swearing or any inappropriate language is not allowed
    4. Be respectful of other at all times- this included classmates, teachers, substitute teachers, student teacher, or any other guest that comes into the class.
    5. No food or Drinks (Except Water)
    6. LATE WORK: Assignments turned in late with be assigned a 50 percent deduction.  All late work must be turned in within two weeks of the due date, or the assignment will receive no credit.
    7. EXTRA CURRICULAR STUDENTS: Please talk with teacher if you will be absent due to an event/activity ahead of time.  


    1. All students should have appropriate P.E. attire.  (No Cut off shirts/Spaghetti straps. Shorts should be Mid-thigh, and closed toe shoes that lace up.  Shoes should be tied.)
    2. SPORTSMANSHIP: students will demonstrate sportsmanship and respect to everyone throughout the unit(s).

    Health/Athletic Training/First-aid & CPR:

    1. Bring textbook everyday to class.
    2. PowerPoints/notes everyday to class.