College Credit Considerations

  • Transferability of credit is a hot topic where college classes are concerned. Most families are eager to collect college credit while their students are still in high school. However, did you know your destination college has the last say on if/how credit is awarded for a college class or AP score? Read this article for a better understanding of the importance of identifying your end-goal and researching if/how your potential credits will transfer before signing up or paying a discounted rate for a college class. Still have questions? Take a look at the presentation below that gives an overview of all college credit opportunities in D38. And, as always, feel free to contact your School Counselor for more information!

Advanced Placement

  • „Advanced Placement courses involve college curriculum taught at PRHS by D38 instructors. Students take College Board's national exam in May and can earn college credit based on their exam score and the destination university's policy for awarding credit. See the PRHS Course & Planning Guide under Registration Materials for a complete list of offerings.

Career Start

  • Career Start classes are held at Pikes Peak Community College (Centennial campus). Most classes involve hands-on curriculum that earns credit toward an Associate of Applied Science degree. Although the classes are taught by college instructors on a college campus, classes are comprised of high school students only.

    Please read this carefully.   
    • We highly encourage all Career Start/ISSA students to attend our events but realize they may want to attend their Career Start/ISSA class instead. They will not be penalized for going to the college class. They cannot skip both the PR event and the college class. 
    • Weather-Related Delayed Start/Closure of D38 students will be excused, the bus will not run.
    • When D38 or Career Start/ISSA is closed for holidays and the two calendars do not line up, they must attend the class/institution that is in session.  Please look at the Career Start and D38 calendars attached. 
    • On a D38 planned PLC day/PLC delayed start, the bus will run, the students need to be at their college class.   Please look at the Career Start and D38 calendars attached to find D38 PLC days. 

    Attendance Policy for PPCC

    2019-2020 Career Start Student Calendar

    2019-2020 LPSD 38 School Year Calendar

Concurrent Enrollment

  • Concurrent enrollment classes are taken through Pikes Peak Community College or University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. They are traditional college classes taught by college professors on a college campus with college-age students.

Dual Enrollment

  • Dual enrollment courses are on-campus courses listed in the PRHS course catalog that are taught by high school teachers whose credentials and curriculum have been approved as college credit-bearing by a specific college/university. 


  • District 38 participates in a program called Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment (ASCENT). It is a state-sponsored, fifth-year concurrent enrollment program which will allow 2-3 eligible D38 students to participate part-time or full-time in college classes at Pikes Peak Community College for one year after 12th grade.

    ASCENT students participate in the graduation ceremony with their class and receive a completion certificate, but his/her actual diploma is held until after the ASCENT year is completed. The school district covers ASCENT students’ tuition at PPCC for two semesters; the family pays for books and fees and provides their own transportation. Financial Aid monies cannot be used for ASCENT but private scholarships can if they don’t require that students be classified as college students.

    In order to be eligible, a student must complete at least 12 college credit hours by May of their senior year in addition to meeting all D38 graduation requirements. Students typically earn college credits via participation in one or more of our dual credit programs - Career Start, Concurrent Enrollment, Dual Enrollment, and/or AP classes (with credit-earning exam scores). Additionally, students must meet all prerequisites for their planned PPCC ASCENT courses and cannot be in need of remediation for their intended pathway.

    The D38 2019-20 ASCENT application will be available between April 1-26. Completed applications are due no later than April 26, 2019 at 12:00 noon to your counselor. The Department of Education will determine the final number of ASCENT slots allotted to D38 by the end of May. Approved ASCENT students will then work closely with PRHS and PPCC to finalize their registration for their upcoming ASCENT year. If you have any questions about this program, please contact your counselor!