BNTC Rehearsal Schedule

  • The calendar below has been unreliable in the past about syncing with the google calendar.

    • Selecting 'List' view on the web page seems to give a better view of each day's details.
    • The cast is divided into groups
      • Group 1: Witch Baker's Wife, Cinderella, Little Red, Baker, Jack
      • Group 2: Jack's Mom, Stepmother, Florinda, Lucinda, Cind. Prince, Rap. Prince, Mysterious Man, Narrator
      • Group 3: Cinderella Mom, Rapunzel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Wolf, Steward, Cind. Father, Birds/Pigs, Milky White
    • If your group is listed for rehearsal, click the link for the day to see what your character is doing that day.
    • A PDF of the schedule can be downloaded here:

    Rehearsals start at 3:00 with snack time in the Black Box.  Snack time is a mandatory part of rehearsal.

    This schedule is subject to change.  Please check it frequently.


    The Google calendar can be found here: