8th Grade American History

  • During 8th Grade American History, we will be studying the important events, people, and developments from the Columbian Exchange through Reconstruction. We will be learning about the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution, Westward Expansion, slavery, the Civil War, and Lincoln. We spend a lot of time on historical analysis, important people and developments that have influenced and shaped our society as well as economics and civics (U.S. Government). A general guideline for the year is below. Be sure to check the 8 Gold newsletter and Infinite Campus for specific dates.


    Quarter 1

    Aug: Columbian Exchange and start Colonies

    Sept: Columbian Exchange and Colonies Test 

    Sept: American Revolution (life in the Colonies, French and Indian War, causes of Am. Rev.)

    Sept-Oct: Declaration of Independence- Battles and Revolutionary War Test

    Mid-Oct: Articles of Confederation


    Quarter 2

    Nov: Constitution

    Dec: First Presidents, cabinets, and foreign policy

    Dec: Credit and Debt (finance standard)


    Quarter 3

    Jan: Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion

    Jan: War of 1812

    Feb: Pioneers, Industrial Revolution

    Feb: Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal Act

    March: States and expansion of the union 


    Quarter 4

    Mar: Slavery

    Apr: Abolition    

    Apr: Causes of Civil War

    Apr: Battles of Civil War  

    Apr: Lincoln

    May: Reconstruction