Basic Syllabus

  • During 8th Grade American History, we will be studying the important events, people, and developments from Colonial times through Reconstruction. We spend a lot of time on historical analysis, important people, and developments that have influenced and shaped our society as well as economics and civics (U.S. Government). A general guideline for the year is below. Be sure to check with me and Infinite Campus for specific due dates.


    Quarter 1

    Aug: Columbian Exchange and start Colonies

    Sept: Colonies Test 

    Sept: American Revolution (life in the Colonies, French and Indian War, causes of Am. Rev.)

    Sept-Oct: Declaration of Independence- Battles and Revolutionary War 

    Mid-Oct: Finish Revolutionary War/ Test


    Quarter 2

    Oct: Articles of Confederation

    Nov: Constitution

    Dec: First Presidents, cabinets, and foreign policy


    Quarter 3

    Jan: War of 1812

    Jan: Lewis and Clark, Westward Expansion

    Feb: Pioneers, Industrial Revolution

    Feb: Andrew Jackson and Indian Removal Act

    March: Western conflicts, states and expansion of the union 


    Quarter 4

    Mar: Slavery 

    Apr: Abolition Efforts

    Apr: Causes of Civil War

    Apr: Battles of Civil War  

    Apr: Lincoln

    May: Reconstruction