Yoga 2


  • This course is designed to improve student physical fitness through various forms of Yoga and Pilates activities. The Yoga/Pilates activities include a wide range of body movements and holds. This class is set up for intermediate and advanced practices. Physical and written assessments will also be included.

    REMOTE LEARNING - All of my classes will be using the canvas application.  We have used this already in all my classes so students should know how to get onto this application.  If they have any issues please contact me via email.


    Hello All-

    As we close out this crazy school year we have had here is some information about PE/Athletic locker room cleanout and uniform check-in.  Per the push email sent out to everyone regarding checkout, each class has a time and date assigned.  During these times down in the lower student parking lot is where uniform turn in and PE/Athletic locker room cleanout will happen. 
    Uniforms - For those turning in uniforms, your uniform needs to be in a bag with the athlete's first and last name.  There will be people collecting these uniforms and placing them in bins for each sport.  If you are only turning in the uniform and DO NOT have to clean out a PE/Athletic locker you will go through the parking lot STAYING in your car to hand off the uniform.
    PE/Athletic locker room - For those that have a PE locker or athletic locker that they need to clean out, you MUST have a mask to enter the building.  You will have FIVE minutes from the time you enter to the time you exit the building to clean everything out.  You will be directed by someone to park, we are allowing only two girls and two boys to enter the building. When it is your turn someone will come to your car to inform you that it is your turn to enter the building.  Teachers will NOT be looking up locker combinations if you do not know the combination locks will be cut off.  If you also need to turn in a uniform when you have reentered your car to leave you will hand off the bag to a person on your way out.
    Anything not cleaned out of lockers next week will be donated to Good Will. 
    We have enjoyed having you this year and hope to see you again in the future. 
  • Syllabus

    The last page of the syllabus needs to be signed and turned in with a $15 class fee that can be paid by cash or check made out to Palmer Ridge High School.  This is due in class on Wednesday 1/8/2020.

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