English 2

  • Welcome to English 2!  In English 2 we continue to explore every aspect included in the broad definition of English.  This includes reading short stories, non-fiction, novels, a play, and completing grammar exercises.  Students will also complete projects, quizzes, tests, essays, and receive grades for participating in class discussions.




  • Monday, March 30, 2020


    Dear Students and Parents:

    With the wrapping up of Spring Break comes the return of classes and coursework in a new way.  Due to the guidelines for safety that the state has established, we will be going forward in a wholly online manner.  This may be temporary for several weeks or it may last the remainder of the year.  (At the present moment, plans are to return to the regular classroom on Monday, April 20th; however, as we know, this may very well change if there is extension of social distancing, et al.)  Please take a moment to read this e-mail to see how we are proceeding with the coursework in English 2B.


    I have decided to use Google Classroom as my online platform to continue the class.  A Google Classroom has already been established for the class and the period; indeed, students should have already joined it to turn in a few assignments this semester already.  Now we are moving to using it each school day.  Students will need to join the class (if they have not done so yet) with their SCHOOL Google Account.  The system will not accept personal Google accounts.


    If you have not yet joined the class, please be sure to do so now and be sure to join the period (section) where you are enrolled.  For example, DO NOT join Period 3 if you are in Period 2.  The codes are below:


    PERIOD 2: d6raeld

    PERIOD 3: hty5zb3


    Each day we “meet” (for Navy, this will be on Tues and Thurs, for Gold this will be on Wed and Fri; Mondays will be “remote planning days for teachers”) you will find a new assignment or activity.  There will be directions, links to resources, PDF and Google Doc documents, and so forth.  In some assignments or activities, you are invited to collaborate with others via Google if you wish to do so.  My goal is to be flexible with requiring any partner/group activities, as some may have a more challenging time with Internet access or technology than others.


    I will be available for questions via e-mail and intend to be detailed in feedback for submitted assignments when they are being evaluated online.  However, since I will be working from home, I will have some additional responsibilities I do not normally have.  My husband is a high school teacher at well at TCA and is expected to work online on the school days like I am.  And due to the “stay at home” restrictions established by the state, our childcare is closed.  Thus, we will be taking turns trying to supervise our three sons (twin toddlers and a 5-year-old).  This may delay a response by a couple hours, but I assure you I will get back to you before the assignment or activity is due and within 24 hours.  It will be within a couple hours unless I am e-mailed after “school hours” (between about 7:40 AM to 3 P.M.).  If you e-mail after that, you can definitely expect a response early the next day.


    My official “office hours” will be: 1:30 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.  During those times, I will be at my work computer and may respond to e-mails very quickly.


    Expect to need online access for your class days.  However, I do not plan to do any “live streaming” or video lessons.  We will be working in an asynchronous model, meaning we will not "meet" during scheduled class times, rather you will be given activities and assignments to complete by the end of that week, or later, depending on the nature of that activity.  Seeing as students will also be “working from home” with possible obligations required of them throughout the day as well, most assignments will be assigned one day and due the following class day (really 2 – 5 days depending on the anticipated work and simply the schedule we are following). 


    We may be doing some quizzes through Google Classroom as well, but the point values will not be significantly large.  I cannot guarantee the “sanctity of the testing room,” and all students will obviously be able to have full notes and access to the Internet during test taking time.  Multiple choice quizzes will primarily cover material that students will be reading to check for comprehension and understanding.


    During this time of online classes – be it lasting for just 3 weeks or for the rest of the school year – no assignments that were assigned AFTER Wednesday, March 11th will be penalized for coming in late.  I would ask that you be sure to keep up as best you can, so you are not buried at the end of the semester and to check in with me so I know you are seeing and accessing the material.  Grading will likely be more of a “completion” grade for many things as well.  For late assignments due prior to that date (March 11th), they will still be considered late and docked accordingly.


    At this point, we are wrapping up our Poetry unit.  I am going to dismiss the Poetry Slam Performance from our coursework and assignment.  Our final assignment for Poetry will be an essay of analysis on the choice of one poem from that collection.  These will turned in on Turn It In.com.  This will be the first assignment this semester for submitting anything on Turn It In for the class.  Be sure to join the class period you attend.  If you have forgotten your password to your Turn It In account, you can reset it yourself; I have no access to that information.  The codes for those classes will be attached to the assignment on March 31st, along with the writing prompt and information.


    After poetry, we are moving into our study of The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.  Fortunately, his play is easily accessed online being part of the public domain, along with many of the helpful supplemental materials to help students understand the language and story and suchlike.  No paper book will be needed.


    Parents and students: Please e-mail me if you have any questions, concerns, or anything else related to the class, the materials, or even the access of those things.  If I do not know the answer, I will be sure to find out or send you to the proper person who does.  Take care of yourself and stay safe.



    Mrs. Kristen Los

    Palmer Ridge High School

    English 2B (Period 2 & Period 3)

    Email: klos@lewispalmer.org



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  • Saturday, March 14, 2020

     Students and Parents:


    With the abrupt closure of school for at least two weeks, let me address a few items of concern or FAQs.


    1) All project deadlines are obviously moved forward.  For the Poetry Slam!, simply review your lines when you can and prepare.  If you can, try to be in contact with your group mates to check-in via text, e-mail, or other means.  You are NOT expected to get together over this extended break to rehearse.  I want to make that abundantly clear.  We will have at least one day to do that in person when "live school" resumes, possibly more depending on the length of time that we are closed.


    If we are shut down for a more prolonged period of time, I may kill the assignment altogether and issue something else that does not require an in-person performances. It is too early for me to make this decision now.


    2) Assignments over the "break": I have nothing to assign beyond what was given out on Thursday (March 12th), the last day I saw your classes.  As I said before, try to review your Poetry Slam poem to commit it to memory and keep in online contact with group members from time to time.


    3) Making up assignments or turning in late work.  You are all allowed to do this, of course.  Submitting it may get complicated.  Hold onto it for now; if we do not return to the physical classroom on March 30th, I will come up with something that will likely use Google Classroom and/or my school e-mail.  All assignments up to the moment are available online on this page.  (Scroll past these announcements.)


    I will be going to campus on Monday (3/16), when we are allowed to do so for a few hours, to retrieve all paper assignments turned in as of yesterday.  I will be updating the gradebook with those sometime this week.


    Please be sure to visit this page during the break, as I may have more announcements and information come in as we know more about what the immediate future holds.  I do know that there is a plan to conduct lessons online using Google Classroom or Canvas if we are to be closed beyond March 30th, but teachers are learning about it as we go.  I do have my work laptop at home so I can easily access any files and other material that anyone may have a need for over our extended break.


    I will be checking my e-mail at least once a day during this very unusual closure and will respond as timely as I can to any questions or concerns with the class.


    Take care of yourselves and be safe. 


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  • Tuesday, February 11, 2020


    For those students who missed class on Tuesday, February 11th, or those who wish to see it again, this is the link to "The Sound of Thunder" short we viewed in class after reading the short story.  Remember, you need to write a compare and contrast Power Paragraph comparing the textual media to the visual interpretation.



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  • Thursday, February 6, 2020


    Reminder: Unless stated otherwise, assignments are due at the START of the period at the bell.  If assignments are turned in that period later, especially after they have been collected from the basket, they will be marked and calculated as being LATE.  Please make a note of this and be sure to turn in your assignments to the basket as soon as you walk in the door for class when you have a deadline.



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  • Friday, January 24, 2020


    Students have started to read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. For those who like listening to the book rather than reading the text on the page, this website offers the whole unabridged book free to stream.  


    A reminder as well that all students have the option to print out/download the study guide question from the website here to do along with the readings.  If they do this, they can use the questions on the quizzes as well as turning it in at the end of the unit to earn up to 20 points of bonus credit in the text/quiz category.



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  • Wednesday, January 8, 2020


    When a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, it will be marked M (missing) in the gradebook.  This happens regardless if the absence is excused or not.  This is not to punish the student but it is used as a way to communicate and remind the student to turn it in on his/her return.  Often times in the comment box on IC, it is marked as "ABSENT" as a reminder to me to NOT give it a late penalty when it comes in.  I have found that if I do not flag an assignment as missing, the student will forget about it or forget to turn it in, and it will be a shock when it is suddenly flagged and may cause a drop in the grade.


    As a reminder, any 1 day missed = 2 days to make up an assignment and turn it in.  If a student misses a quiz or test, they will have a week to make it up in the test center.  If a student has several days in a row missed, they can see me and we can set an appropriate deadline for work to be made up.  (I understand that my class is not the only one they missed!)  



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