English 2

  • Welcome to English 2!  In English 2 we continue to explore every aspect included in the broad definition of English.  This includes reading short stories, non-fiction, novels, a play, and completing grammar exercises.  Students will also complete projects, quizzes, tests, essays, and receive grades for participating in class discussions.




  • Wednesday, January 8, 2020


    When a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, it will be marked M (missing) in the gradebook.  This happens regardless if the absence is excused or not.  This is not to punish the student but it is used as a way to communicate and remind the student to turn it in on his/her return.  Often times in the comment box on IC, it is marked as "ABSENT" as a reminder to me to NOT give it a late penalty when it comes in.  I have found that if I do not flag an assignment as missing, the student will forget about it or forget to turn it in, and it will be a shock when it is suddenly flagged and may cause a drop in the grade.


    As a reminder, any 1 day missed = 2 days to make up an assignment and turn it in.  If a student misses a quiz or test, they will have a week to make it up in the test center.  If a student has several days in a row missed, they can see me and we can set an appropriate deadline for work to be made up.  (I understand that my class is not the only one they missed!)  



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