English 3

  • Welcome to English 3! In English 3 we focus on a survey of American literature and a study of significant American authors.  We cover roughly three main units each semester. 

    Within each unit we will focus our study of American literature through discussion of the main events of each time period, discussions of the effect that the time period had on writers and people in general, discussions of common motifs or themes in various pieces of literature, and readings of various types of writing such as short stories, non-fiction, autobiographies, poetry, etc.  Some of these will be through novels that students will check out from the school library; most other readings will be in the textbook (The Language of Literature:  American Literature, McDougal Littell, 2006). 

    Students will complete extensive reading assignments both inside and outside of class.  A variety of writing assignments (formal and informal) will be completed throughout the course.  Students will also make oral presentations, both formal and informal, and will complete individual or group projects.  Students will also complete SAT practice exercises to help prepare them for the required exam in April.  Our focus will be on this essential question:  How do American authors use literature to explore the events, emotions, values, and culture of America throughout various time periods?


  • Monday, March 30, 2020


    Dear Students and Parents:

    With the wrapping up of Spring Break comes the return of classes and coursework in a new way.  Due to the guidelines for safety that the state has established, we will be going forward in a wholly online manner.  This may be temporary for several weeks or it may last the remainder of the year.  (At the present moment, plans are to return to the regular classroom on Monday, April 20th; however, as we know, this may very well change if there is extension of social distancing, et al.)  Please take a moment to read this e-mail to see how we are proceeding with the coursework in English 3B.


    I have decided to use Google Classroom as my online platform to continue the class.  A Google Classroom has already been established for the class and the period; indeed, students should have already joined it to turn in a few assignments this semester already.  Now we are moving to using it each school day.  Students will need to join the class (if they have not done so yet) with their SCHOOL Google Account.  The system will not accept personal Google accounts.


    If you have not yet joined the class, please be sure to do so now and be sure to join the period (section) where you are enrolled.  For example, DO NOT join Period 1 if you are in Period 8.  The codes are below:


    PERIOD 1: gq4sb7d

    PERIOD 7: t7lu3hm

    PERIOD 8: jlrxgoc


    Each day we “meet” (for Navy, this will be on Tues and Thurs, for Gold this will be on Wed and Fri; Mondays will be “remote planning days for teachers”) you will find a new assignment or activity.  There will be directions, links to resources, PDF and Google Doc documents, and so forth.  In some assignments or activities, you are invited to collaborate with others via Google if you wish to do so.  My goal is to be flexible with requiring any partner/group activities, as some may have a more challenging time with Internet access or technology than others.


    I will be available for questions via e-mail and intend to be detailed in feedback for submitted assignments when they are being evaluated online.  However, since I will be working from home, I will have some additional responsibilities I do not normally have.  My husband is a high school teacher at well at TCA and is expected to work online on the school days like I am.  And due to the “stay at home” restrictions established by the state, our childcare is closed.  Thus, we will be taking turns trying to supervise our three sons (twin toddlers and a 5-year-old).  This may delay a response by a couple hours, but I assure you I will get back to you before the assignment or activity is due and within 24 hours.  It will be within a couple hours unless I am e-mailed after “school hours” (between about 7:40 AM to 3 P.M.).  If you e-mail after that, you can definitely expect a response early the next day.


    My official “office hours” will be: 1:30 P.M. – 3:30 P.M.  During those times, I will be at my work computer and may respond to e-mails very quickly.


    Expect to need online access for your class days.  However, I do not plan to do any “live streaming” or video lessons.  We will be working in an asynchronous model, meaning we will not "meet" during scheduled class times, rather you will be given activities and assignments to complete by the end of that week, or later, depending on the nature of that activity.  Seeing as students will also be “working from home” with possible obligations required of them throughout the day as well, most assignments will be assigned one day and due the following class day (really 2 – 5 days depending on the anticipated work and simply the schedule we are following). 


    We may be doing some quizzes through Google Classroom as well, but the point values will not be significantly large if this happens.  I cannot guarantee the “sanctity of the testing room,” and all students will obviously be able to have full notes and access to the Internet during test taking time.  Any multiple choice quizzes will primarily cover material that students will be reading to check for comprehension and understanding.


    During this time of online classes – be it lasting for just 3 weeks or for the rest of the school year – no assignments that were assigned AFTER Wednesday, March 11th will be penalized for coming in late.  I would ask that you be sure to keep up as best you can, so you are not buried at the end of the semester and to check in with me so I know you are seeing and accessing the material.  Grading will likely be more of a “completion” grade for many things as well.  For late assignments due prior to that date (March 11th), they will still be considered late and docked accordingly if they are turned in.  They can simply be e-mailed to me if you would like to do any late work.


    Regarding assignments that were given prior to our early Spring Break:


    • Harlem Renaissance Projects. Good news: We are skipping presentations!  However, you are still going to be responsible for turning in your project’s typed outline AND the Works Cited page (6 sources min).  There is now an assignment established for this purpose on Google Classroom.  Each piece is worth 15 points per the assignment requirements.  You will want to have the knowledge of your person in the HR Project, as well as maintain the knowledge of your Roaring 20s person, for an end-of-the-year final essay in which you will compare and contrast your two people.
      • th.Of Mice & Men or Their Eyes Were Watching God novels. Good news: We are no longer having a second quiz on the books.  I will be waiving the first one as well, since it would be quite a challenge for any student to make that one up if they missed it.  Instead, you will show your understanding of the book in the assigned motif essay, in which you compare and contrast your book choice with The Great Gatsby using the same motif.  This assignment was given out prior to March 11th and is still due on Turn It In.Com at 11:59 P.M. on Monday, April 6th.

    Our final unit this year will consist of literature from WWII through Vietnam.  Many of the pieces we will be reading will be short; there is no novel we are reading during this final unit.  Because many students do not have textbooks at home, as I did not require it having a class set in our classroom, the essays, poems, stories, and other readings will be ones that are online for people to access that way.  I am modifying several assignments to be conducted online or require more of an online product instead of something like a presentation.


    Mrs. Luciano, PR’s other English 3 teacher, and I are working together as we go through the curriculum for the class, so many of the decisions made were brought about by discussions we have been having in our PLCs.  For example, we will definitely have the same final assessment (the essay).  At this point, I do not know if we will also have an exam/test.  It depends on if we are online until the end of the year or if we go back to our classrooms.


    Parents and students: Please e-mail me if you have any questions, concerns, or anything else related to the class, the materials, or even the access of those things.  If I do not know the answer, I will be sure to find out or send you to the proper person who does.  Take care of yourself and stay safe.



    Mrs. Kristen Los

    Palmer Ridge High School

    English 3

    E-mail: klos@lewispalmer.org



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  • Monday, March 23, 2020


     Students and Parents:


    Since we are to remain closed (for in-person classes) until at least April 20th, teachers are setting up online curriculum.  I will be using a combination of both Google Classroom and Turn It In.com to manage assignments and other work during this time.  There may be required participation grades with bulletin board discussions, and I do plan to still do quizzes once we get that established in an online manner.

    Many students have already signed up their school Google accounts to Google Classroom, as we were using it for our Unit 4 project last month.  If they have not, they will want to do so immediately.

    PERIOD 1 CODE: gq4sb7d


    PERIOD 7 CODE: t7lu3hm


    PERIOD 8 CODE: jlrxgoc


    Make sure you join the class with your SCHOOL Google account (NOT your personal Google account).  Assignments will be posted here each "school day" beginning March 31st.


    I have already posted an assignment for the Harlem Renn project where students may turn in their typed outlines and their typed Works Cited page.  Presentations are on hold.  It would be nice to do them, but obviously that will not happen until at least April 20th.  The assignment is still in the gradebook, but if meeting in person will be impossible I will delete it and simply have the grades for the Outline and the Works Cited page (15 pts each).  Regardless if we present or not, the knowledge and research gained on your person will be used later this semester in a compare/contrast final essay with your Roaring 20s person.


    Additionally, some assignments (such as essays) will still be submitted through Turn It In.Com.  Currently the Motif essay for your reading of "Of Mice & Men" or "Their Eyes Were Watching God" comparing a motif with one shared in "The Great Gatsby" will still be due at 11:59 P.M. on Monday, April 6th.  The assignment is now visible on Turn It In.com and may be submitted anytime at this point.

    If you have NOT yet joined Turn It In.com, please be sure you do so!  The directions on joining and the specific codes are located right here in this folder on this website.


    Additionally, late work penalties are on hold currently for at least the first two weeks of "online school."  This is directly from the district.  This means, yes, you can submit an assignment a few days late and not have it docked.  Until we are back to "in person" classes, this will be the case.  Please try to keep up with the deadlines, however, or you may be buried later on.


    If you want to turn in late work from assignments this semester, you can e-mail them to me and I will get them graded in a timely way.


    Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or concerns.  I will be checking my e-mail at least once a day during this very unusual closure and will respond as timely as I can to any questions or concerns with the class. I will be pushing out an e-mail to all students and parents next week with more specific information.  (Plans are a moving target at this point with how this will all come together.)


    Once again, please take care of yourselves and be safe. 


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  • Saturday, March 14, 2020 

     Students and Parents:

    With the abrupt closure of school for at least two weeks, let me address a few items of concern or FAQs. 

    1) All project deadlines are obviously moved forward.  For your Harlem Renaissance project, you simply have more time to prepare.  Do not worry about submitting me files on Monday or Tuesday this week because the deadline is bumped forward by at least two weeks now. 

    If we are shut down for a more prolonged period of time, I may have you do some sort of alternate assignment with your person and info rather than an in-person presentation as was the plan.  It is too early for me to make this decision now. 

    2) Assignments over the "break": Keep reading your chose novel ("Of Mice & Men" or "Their Eyes Were Watching God").  When we return from our long break, there will still be the quiz.  If we, once again, have a longer break or the class shifts online (this is possible) I may alter this a bit and it may take an online test format.  Once again, it is too soon to make this call.

    The other big assignment was the motif essay.  I am keeping that due date and assignment; it was to be due at 11:59 P.M. on Monday, April 6th.  It was assigned to be submitted on Turn It In.com, so as long as you have Internet access, you can still get it in and I can grade it.  The assignment is now visible on Turn It In.com.  If you need the code to join the class, please check the appropriate folder with that information in it on this website.  (Scroll past the announcements.)

    3) Making up assignments or turning in late work.  You are all allowed to do this, of course.  Submitting it may get complicated.  Hold onto it for now; if we do not return to the physical classroom on March 30th, I will come up with something that will likely use Google Classroom and/or my school e-mail.  All assignments up to the moment are available online on this page.  (Scroll past these announcements.) 

    If you need to make up a quiz, sit tight.  Once again, if we do not return to the building for a while yet, I will come up with an alternative of some sort. 

    I will be going to campus on Monday (3/16), when we are allowed to do so for a few hours, to retrieve all paper assignments turned in as of yesterday (Fri 3/13).  I will be updating the gradebook with those sometime this week. 

    Please be sure to visit this page during the break, as I may have more announcements and information come in as we know more about what the immediate future holds.  I do know that there is a plan to conduct lessons online using Google Classroom or Canvas if we are to be closed beyond March 30th, but teachers are learning about it as we go.  I do have my work laptop at home so I can easily access any files and other material that anyone may have a need for over our extended break. 

    I will be checking my e-mail at least once a day during this very unusual closure and will respond as timely as I can to any questions or concerns with the class. 

    Take care of yourselves and be safe. 


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  • Tuesday, February 25, 2020


    Now that we have wrapped our study of The Great Gatsby, students are given a choice between two novels on which one to read next.  The choices are: Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston or Of Mice & Men by John Steinbeck.  Both deal with similar motifs and themes that came up in The Great Gatsby and will, in fact, be focusing on one of those motifs in a compare and contrast essay due in early April.


    Students were given the information on the books in class and allowed to select which book they wanted to read.  They then checked it out from our school's library.  The two quizzes, which take place halfway through the novels and again at the end, are timed to occur the same day.  Students are encouraged to bring the books with them to class in the next few weeks in case time to read is given to them.  They are also encouraged to locate unabridged streaming audio of the books if they find it more engaging that text on a page.


    Finally, as with The Great Gatsby, each book has a set of study guide questions to help them prepare for the quizzes.  If students choose to do this optional assignment, they can print out a copy of the study guide to complete.  They may use these on the quizzes and turn them in at the end of the unit for up to 20 bonus points.  The study guide questions for each book are in a folder within Unit 4.




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  • Thursday, February 20, 2020


    REMINDER: Your Unit 4 Projects (Roaring 20's) are due next time we meet.  (Period 1: Friday, February 21; Periods 7 and 8: Monday, February 24.)  In order to be in on time, the following must be turned in by the time you walk into class.


    1) Your Google Slideshow MUST be uploaded to Google Classrooms.  Be sure the FINAL Slideshow is the one that is turned in.  I do not accept it as a shared file or e-mailed to me; it MUST be turned in on Google Classroom.  If you are unsure of the code to join, please scroll to the bottom of this page and look in the "Turn It In.Com & Google Classroom Info" folder for the proper class period code.


    2) PRINTED Works Cited page.  Be sure that it is in the proper MLA format and complete.  Be sure to print this out BEFORE class starts; do not ask me if you can go print it out after the bell rings.


    3) PRINTED copy of Google Slideshow.  It should be in some "note" format; don't just print it out so each slide is 1 page.  Having 2, 3, or 4 slides per page is ideal.  It DOES NOT have to be printed in color; greyscale is fine.  Be sure to print this out BEFORE class starts; do not ask me if you can go print it out after the bell rings.


    If any of the above items are not turned in on time, the project will see a 25% pt late work deduction.  Be sure you have all your parts ready to turn in by the time you walk in the door with the bell.


    Additionally, be ready to present on the first day. (If you are out sick with an excused absence, it will NOT be late.  You can present when you return and turn in the paper components at that point.)




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  • Tuesday, February 11, 2020


    After our recent snowdays last week, these are the current & up to date deadlines of forthcoming quizzes, essays, and projects for the class.  These are also posted on the whiteboard in the classroom.


    Great Gatsby Quiz: Chapters 7 - 9

    Period 1Thursday, Feb 13

    Period 7 & 8 -Friday, Feb 14


    Great Gatsby Argumentative Essay

    ALL CLASSES: Friday, Feb 14 at 11:59 P.M.  Uploaded on Turn It In.com This date is regardless of snowdays or absences.


    Unit 4 Project

    Period 1 - Thursday, February 20

    Period 7 & 8 - Friday, February 21


    Please be prepared for these events and be sure to meet these deadlines.



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  • Thursday, February 6, 2020


    Reminder: Unless stated otherwise, assignments are due at the START of the period at the bell.  If assignments are turned in that period later, especially after they have been collected from the basket, they will be marked and calculated as being LATE.  Please make a note of this and be sure to turn in your assignments to the basket as soon as you walk in the door for class when you have a deadline.



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  • Wednesday, January 8, 2020


    When a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, it will be marked M (missing) in the gradebook.  This happens regardless if the absence is excused or not.  This is not to punish the student but it is used as a way to communicate and remind the student to turn it in on his/her return.  Often times in the comment box on IC, it is marked as "ABSENT" as a reminder to me to NOT give it a late penalty when it comes in.  I have found that if I do not flag an assignment as missing, the student will forget about it or forget to turn it in, and it will be a shock when it is suddenly flagged and may cause a drop in the grade.


    As a reminder, any 1 day missed = 2 days to make up an assignment and turn it in.  If a student misses a quiz or test, they will have a week to make it up in the test center.  If a student has several days in a row missed, they can see me and we can set an appropriate deadline for work to be made up.  (I understand that my class is not the only one they missed!)  



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