Online Research Tools & Tips

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    (From MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, by Joseph Gibaldi, 7th ed.)

    1. Works Cited heading is centered at top of page
    2. Choose a standard, easily readable typeface (e.g. Times New Roman) and type size (11 or 12 point).
    3. Italics or underlining may be used for titles; but italics is preferred.  Be consistent!
    4. If several publication cities are listed, use the first one.  Do not include state if city is well-known (i.e. Chicago, New York).  City & state names are not required for online sources.
    5. Date information:
      1. Abbreviate all months except May, June, and July.  Do NOT use month number!
      2. MLA format for dates is DD Month YYYY.
    6. Online (Internet) sources - you MUST include the following!!
      1. If the citation maker gives "N.d." ("no date") or "N.p." ("no publisher") in the citation, you MUST find & insert the missing information - date and/or publisher!
      2. The most recent date of publication AND the date when you accessed the site must both be given
      3. Author AND/OR Organization name must be included
      4. URL (web address) is NOT used unless required by your teacher, in which case the short version is used (stop at .com, .edu, etc.)