AP Language and Composition

  • This course is designed for accelerated students of English who are preparing to take the AP Language and Composition examination for college credit or for students who want a more rigorous and challenging reading and writing class. Students in this class are required to read critically, discuss, and respond to a variety of prose written in a number of disciplines, time periods, and rhetorical contexts. Students will practice responding to AP multiple-choice and AP essays regularly. Students must register for both A & B classes. Students must earn a “C” grade or higher and take the College Board exam in May to receive weighted credit.


    1) Assignments from last week:  I have only had the chance to organize the two assignments into my folders to grade (participation points for last week's work).  I probably won't have the chance to start looking over them until this Wednesday.  I am still missing assignments from a few students, so continue to e-mail those two things separately and label them "Act 4" and "MC 7 & 8."

    2) Your credit recovery assignment (due 4/8)
    3) MC 9 & 10 (due 4/10).  


    3/30 ANNOUNCEMENT:  For your remote learning this week, you will have three things to work on.  You may send me these items any time during the week, but they are due by 3:00 on Friday, April 3.  You can take pictures and send those, scan the papers, or I can send you a digital copy of the questions for you to type on and share with me upon completion.

    (1) Hamlet Act 4 discussion questions

    (2) Hamlet MC passages 7 & 8 over 3.4 & 4.5  (I have tried to upload this in many ways to this website, and it is just not working.  Please e-mail me for a digital copy.  Sorry for the inconvenience!)  

    (3) Continue to work on your credit recovery assignment.  This is not due until 4/8


    3/27 ANNOUNCEMENT:  Continue to work on your credit recovery assignment.  Just use 15 questions from #2-30.  I will have you share these with me via Google/e-mail on 4/8.  I have updated the calendar for the remainder of the school year with the idea that we are returning to school on 4/20.  If we do not, then I will rework the calendar.  My plan for you all for the next three weeks will go as follows:  you will continue to read Hamlet on your own and complete the Act 4 & 5 questions that are already posted.  I will have you send me your answers to the questions, and I will grade you on those.  In addition, I want you to continue practicing the multiple choice questions.  I will have you complete three MC sections from Hamlet (one per week).  I will put your grades in IC for these, although they will not be counted towards your overall grade.  I just want to keep your brain working through the MC, and if we go back to school, we will eventually go over the answers.  The test dates for the new, modified AP test have not been released yet, so that's up in the air.  As you can see on the calendar, if we go back on 4/20, we will finish off the year with finishing some things having to do with Hamlet and grammar, and then the remainder will be concentrated prep for the AP test.  This is a huge experiment for all of us, so feel free to e-mail with any questions!!