7 Silver - Science

  • Test Re-Takes 

    Every test and quiz can be retaken for full credit. Before students can retake the test they must do test corrections. For every question they got wrong they need to write, on a separate piece of paper, why their answer was wrong and why the correct answer is correct. Once the test corrections are done, the student should set up a time with me as to when they will retake the test. They have 1 week after the test to retake it. 

    Extra Credit 

    There is always extra credit available. The extra credit in my class is a research project. The topic should be anything related to science, and preferably, something that the student is interested in. Some examples of topics include the process of cloning, pros and cons of genetically modified foods, fact or fiction..global warming, and the illegal wildlife trade. Once the student has an idea for a topic, they should come see me for some guidance. 

    There is no due date for the extra credit, whenever they get it done, they can turn it in. There is no set amount of points for these projects but the better they do, the more points they get. 

    Minimum requirements are:

    single spaced
    12 point font
    3 citations
    no copy and paste, everything must be written in their own words.