AP English Language & Composition

About AP Language

  • Course Description:

    Advanced Placement English Language and Composition engages students in the practice of reading a variety of texts with the purpose of performing rhetorical and argumentative analysis. This full year course is composed of three distinct sections, each preparing the student to pass the AP test in the spring. Be assured, this is not just a test prep course; we will also examine many of the seminal works of Literature. While our larger goal is to develop analytical readers and cogent writers, there are several specific goals for this course as well:

    Who is an AP English Language & Composition Student?

    ·       Someone who is intellectually curious

    ·       Willing to dismantle stereotypes in thinking and language and construct persuasive arguments using appropriate evidence

    Where is he/she going?

    ·       Able to read and analyze anything for meaning and style

    ·       Able to write in an authentic voice

    AP Language Goal: (Representative of the course requirements set by the College Board)

    ·       The purpose of the AP English Language and Composition course is to enable students to read complex texts with understanding and to write prose of sufficient richness and complexity to communicate effectively with mature readers.