Mystery Short Story

  • Thumb What is a mystery story? A mystery story is about a puzzle to be solved. A mystery story is not just about a mysterious  person or event. It is common for a crime to be committed and a sleuth to set out to find out who did it, how, and why. The reader discovers the clues through the sleuth as the story unfolds.  (Some clues may turn out to be false clues.) By the end of the story the reader should have enough information to solve the crime when the sleuth catches the perpetrator. A mystery story does not have to be about a crime, but it should still be a puzzle with clues that reveal the answer at the end of the story. Either way, you must know who your sleuth is, who committed the crime (or caused the problem), how it was done, and why. Start writing your story at the time of the crime, and lead the sleuth (and your readers)  on a merry chase to discover the answers at the end of the story.

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