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9th Grade

    • Coming to high school is a huge transition! It is essential that you develop, and stick to, some kind of organizational method that works for you. It's so important to keep track of your class materials, assignments, notes, and upcoming deadlines and test dates. When you have 7 classes to keep up with, it's easy to miss things if you're not working to stay organized!
    • High school is a time for you to develop skills that you will need for adult life, such as self-advocacy and learning to resolve various issues. With this in mind, when you need clarification or help from a teacher, the typical "chain of command" at LP goes like this:
      • The student approaches the teacher in hopes of resolving the matter
      • If that is not successful, the parent may contact the teacher
      • If things are still unresolved, the parent may contact the grade level counselor or administrator.
      • Counselors are available throughout this process to help students strategize how best to approach an issue.
    • High school is also a time to discover and develop your passions, and have fun! We encourage all students to get involved with at least one sport, club, or other extracurricular. This is a great way to make friends and improve on your strengths, plus, colleges really want to see kids who are well-rounded and participate in a variety of cool things.
    • Along the lines of getting connected: get to know your teachers and other staff well. Research shows that students who have at least one "trusted adult" at school have a much better chance of staying happy and healthy throughout high school, and beyond. Plus, this will help make sure you have lots of options for staff who can write you a really awesome recommendation letter when the time comes that you need one!

    Let's have a great school year!!


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