Learning Center

  • Welcome to the Learning Center

    Learning Center Doc Horse This class is designed to help your student be a success in high school. The Learning Center is designed to support student need that has been identified by their IEP team. These needs include annual goals, transition services, access skills and accommodations/modifications indicated on your student's IEP.

    The Learning Center is the perfect place for students to work on their IEP goals, as well as receive additional instruction, time and support with completing classroom assignments. Students can also take advantage of the Learning Center to prepare for upcoming tests. Learning Center also provides an environment for students to utilize their IEP accommodations such as alternate setting for tests, extended time, reader, etc.

    Please encourage your child to take advantage of the teacher and Para educator support they receive while in the Learning Center. If you have any questions or would like to comment on the benefits of the Learning Center, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Students are graded and receive credit for the learning center class. Grading is entered every 2 weeks and points are based upon use of a planner, tracking and completing assignments for other classes, participating in the group activity, having a positive attitude, using learning center time wisely, and being a respectful classmate.