Senior Portrait Information

  • Senior Portrait Due Date: FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2022

    Please read all the information below to have a smooth senior portrait submission for the Westwind Yearbook staff.

    Which photographer should I use?

    Option 1: Westwind Yearbook contracted Partnership Photographers (click links below):

    Adriana Carlson Photographer  719-248-5423

    Black Forest Photography  719-464-5429

    Capture Life Photography  719-789-5558

    Snowshoe Studios  719-491-5924

    Epic Imagery Photography 818-832-2700

    Susan Baggett Photography 720-309-5070

    Footsteps Photography 719-900-8427

    Or take the photo yourself.

    Option 2: Photographer of your choosing 

    Option 3: Lifetouch school photo (August Processing Days or Make-Up Day in September)

    Option 4: I am not submitting a school photo. *Bad choice... see Westwind Yearbook staff for other options.

    What are the senior portrait requirements?

    • Background: outdoor preferred (uncluttered and free of distractions)
    • Pose: head and torso (cropped at waist), body facing forward with both eyes visible, *no pics lying down or looking over shoulder, no hands or knees visible
    • Orientation: vertical photo (no skewed or leaning photos)
    • Attire: Lewis-Palmer High School dress code guidelines do apply
    • Please no: studio names, logos, props, hats, pets, sunglasses, soft focus, vignettes, etc.
    • Digital image format: .jpg at high resolution (300 dpi or higher)
    • Color: all photos must be in color, *no black & white (or sepia) photos
    • File Name Format: lastname,firstname.jpg (ex: smith,ben.jpg)

    How do I submit my portrait?

    Step 1: Get photo from your photographer and rename is in the correct format: lastname,firstname.jpg (ex. smith,ben.jpg)

    Step 2: Go to HJ eShare and fill out the form.

    • Please click on the LEFT button to submit a senior portrait.
    • Continue through the steps to upload and crop your photo.
    • Make sure you enter any Activities in which you have participated during high school in STEP 3 (Example: Football 9-12; DECA 9; LINK CREW 10, 12).
    • Verify your portrait cropping and Activities list before you hit the portrait upload button. 

    Special Note: Your confirmation will be the note at the bottom of the final screen after you've selected the "Portrait Upload Portrait Image" button. We will reach out later in the school year with a proof to check the details of your senior portrait submission. Trust us... we have your uploaded senior photo.


    Please contact the Westwind yearbook staff at