6th Grade theme "Art Critique and Create"

  • In 6th grade we will continue to work on mastering the elements of art and principles of design found in a work of art.  This concept will be accomplished through the basic 4 steps art critique, which will be taught.  The students will use higher level thinking through open ended questions about a variety of works of art.  A sketchbook will be created to record art history and develop ideas through sketches.  Extra 3-dimmensional projects will be produced with more freedom into theme ideas and choice of materials.  It will be a positive environment to express ideas and create individual projects.


  • For the annual art show at Kilmer, 6th graders will have the opportunity to create an individual artist booth at the Makers-Faire.  This will encourage student leadership as they teach and present an art idea to the K-5 students attending the hands-on 's art show.   It's a wonderful chance to have fun, teach, create and lead with a community art event. 

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