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 Karen Brofft



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Karen Brofft

“I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing -
that it was all started by a mouse.”
Walt Disney 

Another school year is upon us. This year and every year, we focus on what’s important - our students - because at Lewis-Palmer School District, it all starts with them. This year, we’ve narrowed our focus to “through their eyes” and “in their shoes.” Seeing our students’ perspectives and considering their experiences are our lenses as we create inspiring learning opportunities. 

It takes great teams or groups to produce important work, and LPSD is a considerably talented team. As with Walt Disney’s team, who “had the heady sense that it was inventing the future” (Organizing Genius, Bennis and Biederman, 1997), we too are inventing the future as we influence young lives every day. Bennis and Biederman also state that “The ability to plan for what has not yet happened, for a future that has only been imagined, is one of the hallmarks […] of a Great Group.” We take our school year preparations seriously. New tools are implemented while effective, trusted tools remain in our tool belts. While we celebrate our past successes, resting on this success is never an option for D38 educators. This group has young minds and imaginations to fill with possibilities. 

Learning results from asking good questions and through discovery. Disney wasn’t the answer man, according to Bennis and Biederman. Disney studio artists and musicians found solutions, then Disney approved the solutions. Likewise, at LPSD, we provide opportunities for all students to ask good questions and discover possibilities. I remember the excitement of setting my clothes out for the first day of school and organizing my school supplies. The upcoming school year held the promise of new friends, fun projects, and mind-expanding lessons. I know many of our students experience this same joy. I also realize that some do not. Regardless, our responsibility is to capture the imaginations of all of our students, to find a means of inspiring each of them. I love this challenge. It is why I work in education. I know our teachers do also. Therefore, we sharpen our questioning skills in order to encourage the same question-asking skill in all of our students.

As our focus remains on our “mice,” our students, we continue feeding our curiosity alongside theirs, asking “What is working?” and “What needs adjusting?” in regards to our processes. We look at new perspectives. We consider the vantage point of our students. Even though many of our students’ shoes are half the size of an adult’s, we fill them to overflowing with adventures in learning. And like Walt, “we don’t look backwards for very long… We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” I look forward to sharing the 2017-2018 school journey with our students and this community.