Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP)

  • As an integral piece to success in high school, students at PRHS will create and maintain an Individualized Career & Academic Plan (ICAP) to facilitate their post-secondary workforce readiness. Development of an ICAP is a multi-year process that intentionally guides students and families in the exploration of career, academic and postsecondary opportunities. With the support of adults, students develop the awareness, knowledge, attitude, and skills to create their own meaningful and powerful pathways to be career and college ready.


    Students: An ICAP is a way to bring meaning and relevance to a student’s education. It helps them to better understand themselves and give them direction to potential career and college pathways. A student’s four-year high school academic plan starts them on the path to achieving his/her goals.

    Parents/Guardians: The ICAP offers parents/guardians an opportunity to further support and guide their child’s academic endeavors, college plans, and career explorations. Parents/guardians and their child can discuss steps to take now and for future success in school, the community, and college and career.

    Schools: The ICAP can increase graduation rates and improve student success. Academics become more relevant when students have a documented plan. Schools are able to connect high school success to students’ future goals. Additionally, schools are able to offer meaningful courses to help students to reach his/her aspirations.

    Community: The ICAP benefits the community by developing productive citizens and increasing post-secondary completion. This creates a more skilled and educated workforce, thereby improving our businesses, neighborhood, and communities.

2019-20 ICAP Calendar

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