Preschool and Full-Day Kindergarten Programs

Preschool and Full-Day Kindergarten Tuition

  • Tuition and fees are subject to Board of Education approval and may be adjusted. There are no reductions for scheduled holidays, snow days, or other building emergencies. Any program modifications must be requested and accomplished at Central Registration, and will be considered after all basic program enrollments (without modifications) are fulfilled.

Deposit Requirements

  • (note: a deposit is only required for Colorado Preschool Project students or Special Education students if they are enrolling in childcare)

    • Early registration (prior to June 1): minimum $50 with balance of one-month's tuition due by June 1.
    • All other registrations (after June 1): one-month's tuition payment.

    The first $50 of your deposit is non-refundable after June 1. Deposits are applied to the last month's payment; you are not billed for the month of May unless there is additional payment owed.


  • Payments are due the first of the month. Checks should be made out to LPSD #38. Payment is due whether you receive your invoice or not. If you don't receive your invoice, please contact Karen Alfultis at (719) 785-4220.

    Payments should be sent to :
    LPSD Accounts Payable
    PO Box 40
    Monument, CO 80132


    Credit Card Payments are accepted for an additional $3 fee per transaction.


    Late Payments: Your account may be assessed a $25 late payment fee if payment is not received by the 10th of the month.


    Non-Sufficient Funds: If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, your account may incur a $10 NSF fee, in addition to a possible $25 late payment fee.


    Past-Due Accounts: If your account is 30 or more days past due, your full-day kindergarten student may be assigned to a half-day kindergarten class. In the case of preschool, your child may be ineligible to attend until the past due account is satisfied.