Graduation Requirements

  • Lewis-Palmer has a four-year course of study. Therefore, graduation requirements will be based upon units of credit earned in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. We do not accept any credits that were begun before the first day of the 9th grade year.

    Twenty-five (25) units of credit must be earned in order to meet district graduation requirements. Specific requirements are listed below. The remaining necessary units of credit will be considered as electives and may be selected from any course in the curriculum.

    Fourteen and a half (14.5) credits of the total twenty-five (25) credits required for graduation are identified as specific requirements. The remaining ten and a half (10.5) credits may be completed by taking additional credits in the core areas required for graduation, or by taking any other electives available.

    1 credit = Two successfully completed semesters of work.

    1/2 credit = One semester of successfully completed work

Class of 2021 and Beyond

  • Beginning with the Class of 2022, students must also demonstrate academic proficiency in the subjects of English and math per the State Board approved menu of college and career ready
    demonstrations. The following link identifies minimum requirements for student to demonstrate proficiency.

    Academic Proficiencies for Graduation - Menu of Options

  • **For more information, please refer to the Colorado Department of Higher Education Admissions Standards