College and Transcript Information

Instructions for Common App Matching in Naviance

Counselor Recommendations & Secondary School Reports

  • Most college applications completed through Common App require a Counselor Recommendation to be submitted along with the transcript. Also follow these steps if you're requesting a Letter of Recommendation from your counselor, regardless of what platform you use for your college applications.

    1. Make an appointment to see your School Counselor.
    2. Download and fill out the background information forms that will help your School Counselor complete the Counselor Recommendation. The information form is attached below.
    3. Bring your completed information forms and a personal resume to your appointment. Expect to spend half an hour consulting with your Counselor about the information.
    4. Allow a two-week minimum turn-around time for your Counselor to complete your letters of recommendation or any extended paperwork associated with the Secondary School Report.
    5. Follow up with your college to ensure they received the information you requested.

Mid-Year Reports

    1. Find out if your college requires a Mid-Year Report. Not all do.
    2. Communicate with your School Counselor on completing your Mid-Year Report.
    3. Follow up with your college to ensure they received the information you requested.

    IMPORTANT — It is your responsibility to know your college admissions deadlines so please plan ahead. Delays in letters of recommendation, official transcripts, or school reports could jeopardize your college admission.

Official Transcripts for Former Students

    1. Contact the School Registrar, Mrs. Klein, at or 488-6184 in Student Services with $5.00 for each official transcript request, allowing a minimum of two business days for the request to be completed.
    2. Fill out this Transcript Request Form and submit to Mrs. Klein
    3. Provide specific instructions on how the transcript is to be sent 
    4. Follow up with your college to ensure they received your official transcript.