• Meetings

    F.O.R. meets every Tuesday at 7:00am in the Sunrise Room. Come join us!

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  • Why?

    High School years have the potential to be some of the greatest years of our lives, but they can also include tough times such as:

    • Moving to a new school
    • Extended illnesses/health conditions
    • Hospitalization
    • Death of a loved one
    • School tragedies

    We at Palmer Ridge High School believe that some of the greatest people in the world walk through our halls every single day. We want to cheer on each other in our successes and support those during challenging times!


    This club will strive to prove to our community and to ourselves that:

    • Teens are capable of caring about more than just "themselves."
    • The future leaders of our community are right here in our halls.
    • Caring begins with taking care of those around you.
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  • Goals

    • To make new students feel welcome
    • To reach out to students that are hospitalized
    • To reach out to students with extended illnesses/health conditions requiring them to be out of school
    • To reach out to students and their families and staff members that experience the death of a family member
    • To reach out to other schools that experience tragedies
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  • Desired Outcome

    The desired outcome from implementing the F.O.R concepts into our school programming would be for students to learn how valuable their connection to school can be. When students feel connected to their school, educational success is achieved. When students are at their most vulnerable point, the F.O.R team will be there to help and simply say “I Care About You!” My hope is that through the use of this program philosophy, students learn that it is acceptable to care about one another and that there are people in the world that care.

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