Lewis-Palmer Middle School Football


  • DCC Game

    There will be no buses for the last game of the season.  It is an in-district game so the players will need rides to and from this game.  I apologize for forgetting this at the parent meeting.

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  • Football Equipment Distribution 2019

    Football equipment will be handed out on Saturday August 17th at 8:00 am for 8th grade and 9:00 am for 7th.  Equipment can only be distributed to athletes who have turned in paperwork, updated physical, and fee for the upcoming season.  If you are unable to attend, please contact your coach and they will make sure that your athlete receives their gear on Monday.  The season is upon us, Go Patriots!

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  • Parent Meeting


    There will be a parent Meeting on Friday, August 23rd at 5:15 (after practice) on the football field at school.  

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  • Football Camp
    LPMS will be hosting a summer football camp for any student entering 7th or 8th grade in the summer of 2019. They do not need to be attending LPMS to attend the camp. More information is in the LPMS Summer Football Camp Flyer, located on the Resources page under Documents. We highly encourage players to attend the summer camp because without it, there are limited days of practice before the first game.

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  • Wristband Playbook for 2019 8th grade players only

    We ask that every player buy one of these wristbands. We have seen a change in practices since we started using them. Instead of the players asking us what their responsibility is on the play we are practicing, they ask what play number it is and just look at the wristbands instead.  Every player will check their wristband to see what their job is on the play, even if they aren't actually participating in the play at the moment.  The way we run offensive practices and call plays make these a necessity for the players.

    Any wristcoach will do, but they are made in a variety of sizes and the insert cards we make fit this model. We have tried many models and this particular one fits all of the kids and are comfortable for them. They are the ones who actually decided which model we would stick with. The link where you can buy one online is listed below.  The picture shown, and the link, are for the single model, QBs will need the triple model, which we will try to provide and/or trade them for a single if they already have one. To purchase one, please go to Amazon. Single  Triple

                                                   Wristband Playbook

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  • Thank You

    Thank you to the White Family and the Lottes family for their kind donation to the equipment fund. Their donation helped us purchase a tackling mat, a Tackling ring and a Kabook Safety Tackler so the players will be able to run drills with less full contact.


    landing mat   tackling ring   kaboom


    Thank you 

    Thank you to the Lee family for the donation of all of the agility hurdles

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